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Saratoga Cycling Studio Opens Downtown

MP900422371.JPGLooking for a low-impact workout that can be modified for every fitness level? Saratoga Cycling Studio is a unique new fitness studio in town that promises just that.

A unique cycling program known as Spinning®, offered at Saratoga Cycling Studio, helps you ease your way into the world of fitness and exercise.
If you've never heard of Spinning®, it is the most popular indoor cycling program in the world, and not every gym offers it. The brand name 'Spinning®' is reserved for fitness centers that meet specific standards with their equipment and instructors.

Saratoga Cycling Studio offers top-of-the-line exercise bikes that can accommodate anyone between 4'10" and 6'10," which covers the majority of people. Each bike can also be adjusted to match your posture and skill level.

The Spinning® program is individually paced and non-competitive. It can accommodate a variety of ages and intensity levels. At the new Saratoga Cycling Studio you can sign up for classes online, and when you do so, a bike will be reserved for you.

Unlike many fitness centers, Saratoga Cycling Studio doesn't require a membership or enrollment fee; you pay as you go.

The studio will have an open house on April 28 where the public will be able to test out the bikes, grab a snack, get a chair massage and enter raffles for local prizes and free spinning classes!

The Grand Opening, and the first day of classes will be Monday, April 30.

What are your thoughts on the new Saratoga Cycling Studio? Do you plan on checking out their open house?

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