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High Rock Park Approved for 9/11 Statue Location


Saratoga Arts announced last Thursday that High Rock Park will be installing a new 9/11 memorial. The new project is going to be called Tempered By Memory

The new memorial site will be the place where the forward-looking work of contemporary art piece will be placed. The statue is made of pieces of steel artifacts from the World Trade Center towers.

In the spring of 2010, officers from the Saratoga Springs Naval Support Unit encouraged Saratoga Arts to bring steel artifacts from the towers from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's storage terminals at JFK to Saratoga Springs. Thursday the Saratoga Springs Design Review Commission unanimously approved the installation and site plan for Tempered By Memory in High Rock Park

The new statue will be made of steel beam remnants from the World Trade Center North and South towers and will stand at about 24 feet in height.

A time-frame for the construction and installation has not been announced yet but will be shortly. 

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