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Spinterest - A New Fitness Blog!

Angela Amedio just started a new fitness blog on Saratoga.com. Through Spinterest, she'll share the good, the bad, and the hilarious experiences she's had with fitness over the last few years!

Amedio found herself overweight and unhappy about ten years ago, and decided it was time to turn things around. Step by step, she tweaked her diet, added exercise, and lost more than 30 pounds! It's not easy, and there are no magic pills, but there are certainly fun ways to stay fit, and Angela would like to share them with you!

Want to know what you can expect from the new blog? Read on..
Angela Amedio is a certified, Star II Spinning® instructor and has taught thousands of classes throughout the area. Amedio is also certified in Les Mills Bodypump, Fittour Indoor Cycling, Group Fitness, CPR and AED. She has studied nutrition at Syracuse University, and owns Saratoga Cycling Studio in Saratoga Springs.

In her first post, Angela discusses exercise options for rainy days (like today). You could go outside and get soaked, or you could check out a fitness studio or create an indoor workout circuit that can be completed in your own living room!

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Angela is a real fitness professional, meaning that she has to work every day to stay fit, just like you and me! Check out Spinterest for workout schedules, local race announcements, and fitness and health related information in general!

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