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101 Reasons To Love Saratoga


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The Atmosphere:

"... the small-town feel, passion for the arts and welcoming nature of its residents!
- Laura Rogers

" ... it's the summer place to be!"
- Andrea Lynn

" ... it's a beautiful city along with horse racing, the parades down broadway, the shops, the parks and the beautiful lakes."
- Dawn Luce

" ... class, culture, beauty, amazing food and of course the horse racing!"
- Elle Tire

" ... full of fun places and beautiful sights to see, but it's the city I call my home."
- Anne Marie Hathaway

" ... whenever I am lucky enough to get back there, I feel civilized, energized and downright happy ..."
- Kathleen Arnold Callahan

" ... it is a city with everything you need close by, but it still maintains the small-town charm and comfort."
- Fawn Brown

" ... it is so full of life!"
- Diane Yurkewicz

" ... it has never changed its quality of life."
- Suzette Pfleging Esposito

" ... it's military friendly, and it gives NY a good name!"
- Mandy Sellick

" ... its classic charm and the fact that you can still see the cobblestone roads."
- Kaivalya Spa

" ... every day feels like a vacation! This is the most vibrant and exciting town I've ever lived in."
- Laura Tower Pfeifer

" ... community-wide generosity."
- Christianne Smith

" ... always so alive, no matter what time of the year, week, or day!"
- Larissa Wasyl Bates

" ... it has a good vibe."
- Diane Gawinski Pechulis

" ... its charm."
- Anna Mary Kelly Rivet

Something for Everyone:

" ... it is for the lover of arts; for the horse racing aficionado; for the early riser; and for the late night socializer ..."
- Dashia Williams

" ... it has the comfort and convenience of a small, quaint town, yet at times, has the quality of a resort area with urban characteristics of specialty shops and boutiques, museums, coffee houses and restaurants. I think the combination of Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Race Track, Skidmore College, drawing interesting people from different cultures is the secret to Saratoga's uniqueness."
- Linda Ashline

" ... the awesome farmers market, great downtown, small community and the perfect place to raise a family."
- Lauren Neulander

" ... enjoy all the 'perks' like the downtown, racing, shopping, dining - too many fun things to list!"
- Linda McCann

" ... all the recreational events offered along with all the shops downtown. Plus it's beautiful no matter where you go ..."
- Brandi Volans

" ... the wonderful main street atmosphere, the shopping, the food and of course track season!"
- Emily Michelle

" ... all the fun summer venues and events!"
- Tamie Whitney

" ... offers the perfect life balance of history, tradition, arts, outdoor activity, solid education, great cuisine, and of course, horses."
- Eric Cirelli

" ... great food, great parks, great entertainment and great shopping."
- Becky Potter

" ... the beautiful homes, great architecture, fantastic shops, great restaurants, entertainment, horse racing ..."
- Denise Louise Arnold

" ... it has something for everyone!"
- Kathleen Cohn

" ... all the wonderful food and farms!"
- Amanda McGuiness Repka

Popular Attractions:

" ... you have the race track, casino, Saratoga Lake and Lee's Campground."
- Ruth Smith

" ... enjoy SPAC and all of the great restaurants ..."
- Alison Lyons

" ... amazing venues such as SPAC."
- Hilary Smith

" ... I close my eyes and see Cafe Lena, Yaddo; hear the sounds of SPAC; and smell the leather boots at The Saddlery and treats from wonderful bistros and restaurants."
- Claudia Verruto Berstein

" ... the race track in the summer, Uncommon Grounds coffee, 9 Maple's martinis, shopping on Broadway, the cute bed and breakfasts, SPAC, wine tasting at the Saratoga Winery, the new Saratoga North Creek Railway ..."
- Danelle Dessaint LaPann

" ... there's Putnam Market, The Roosevelt Spa and Baths, the Batcheller Mansion Inn and the ducks at Congress Park ..."
- Helen Willa

" ... between the races and ballet concerts, it's really the summer place to be ..."
- Paula LaBarge Mehan

" ... it's the host to NYCB for the summer and such an awesome center for the arts in Upstate NY!"
- Michelle Hines Abram

" ... Congress Park with the carousal!"
- Jaime Davis

" ... the Circus Cafe ..."
- Melani Boggie

" ... SPAC and the wonderful music it brings to the area!"
- Kara Schachel

" ... Silverado Jewelry Gallery, Bettie's Cupcakes, Yaddo Garden and Wheatfield's GF pizza!"
- Mandy Lux Orcutt

" ... its Main Street ..."
- Christy Mitteer Putman

" ... the Pines ..."
- Peter Potts


" ... the town has so much history! I love going into old homes with so much detail!"
- Laura Hutson

" ... beautiful Victorian architecture and the aristocratic history ..."
- Pamela Etu

" ... this city has so much history ..."
- Irene Bouchey Sylvester

Something to do 24/7:

" ... you can go boating on the lake during the day and enjoy good food and clubs at night."
- Tina Trifaro

" ... the Saratoga Race Track, the nightlife and for the street named after me, 'Caroline Street'!"
- Caroline Pingelski Packard

" ... from Saratoga Lake at sunset to the track at sunrise ..."
- Stacey Acuna

" ... horse racing in the summer and the beauty of Saratoga all year long."
- Jimmy Werchenski

" ... there is definitely never a dull moment there!"
- Kathy Shepardson Welden

" ... fall, winter, spring, or summer ... there's always something to do! You're never bored in this town!"
- Nicole Christine

" ... nowhere else is there that home-y feeling for the year-long residents, the seasonal activities for the summer residents, the history, beauty and peacefulness ..."
- Teresa Quinn

" every season there's something awesome to do, from the track, restaurants, shopping and Victorian Walk ..."
- Rebecca Powers


" ... the beauty of parks and waterways."
- Trisha McClelland McDonald

" ... people are so open-minded about beautiful ecological habitat gardening using native plants ..."
- Jessecology Organic Gardening Assistance

" ... it is beautiful during all four seasons!"
- Stephany Meltzer

" ... no matter where I point my camera ... or the time of year ... the beauty just shows up in every shot."
- Eileen Scherer

Family and Good Memories:

" ... there is a memory at every corner."
- Lisa Suckman DeMarco

" ... it has always brought our family together. It has been a tradition for us to go to Saratoga Race Track every summer! The memories are priceless!"
- Donna Charalambous

" ... all the great memories...it's where I grew up...worked...and got married. Such a great city!"
- Jamie Davies Feinour

" ... it brings back so many fond memories of my grandmother. She loved to go to the racino and shop ..."
- Joe Dragon

" ... it evokes a ton of wonderful childhood memories!"
- Gene Cirillo

" ... my family has a yearly tradition to visit for Travers week ..."
- Danielle Randolph Wisinsk

" ... it was the first weekend getaway my husband and I went on ..."
- Michelle Bruno Ritz

" ... my family roots are here ..."
- Sharron Eddy Cataldo

" ... it's where I married the love of my life."
- Kimberley Christiana

" ... my husband and I were married in Saratoga and started our family here!"
- Mary Kate Walders Coseo

The People:

" ... people and puppy friendly!"
- Johanne Morne

" ... amazing community of great friends and neighbors."
- Elinor Brook

" ... the people are so nice, and it is a great place to raise a family ..."
- DeeDee Cigan

" ... you can meet people from all over the world and from every lifestyle ..."
- Kathleen Brooks

" ... the people here truly know what it means to be a real community."
- La Shay Adamson

Horses and Racetrack:

" ... it's the Mecca of horse racing! Saratoga has the oldest race track in the US!"
- Heather Faubert Merolle

" ... the track is a perfect place for a summer family picnic!"
- Debbie Sylvester

" ... it brings so many people together during the racing season. The best place on earth!"
- Lu Anne Budrea-Pliska

" ... sunny days at the track with friends ..."
- Janelle Gilmore

" ... going to the racetrack every year with my sisters."
- Erika Gillespie

" ... gorgeous, well-kept race track ..."
- Kellyanne Healey

" ... I love to horse around!"
- Mark Daniels

" ... the most awesome race track!"
- Christina DePaula

" ... nothing more beautiful than the track and the atmosphere there!"
- Sue Mizejewski

" ... I saw Rachel Alexandra race at the race track!"
- Candy Trerotola

" ... the track - what more do you need?!'
- Gina Petteys


" ... it's the 'Best Little City in the World.'"
- Kevin O'Leary

" ... best tasting water on earth ..."
- Tom Hall

" ... it allows everyone to be an individual ..."
- Sandi Mawdesley

" ... you can walk out your front door and be greeted by various breeds of dogs ..."
- Nicole Kathleen

" ... there is so much to do, see and learn!"
- June Brewster

" ... there is always, always something awesome to do and most of the time you can walk there!"
- Ellen Ahem

" ... no matter where I go, or where my husband and I move to, Saratoga will always be home ..."
- Jennifer Fedoronko Kelley

" ... 'it's the August place to be,' but the winter holiday season is just as awesome, if not better."
- Joy J Stetson-Ahem

" ... the Health, History and Horses!"
- Susan Lee Laing

" ... well - what's not to love?"
- Laura Penge Burda

" ... it is so beautiful there, and there is always something going on ..."
- Pauline Lynch

" ... it's a 'one-of-a-kind' destination ..."
- David Kerber

" ... there is no other place like it."
- Bob Malloy

" ... you don't realize just how much you love it until you aren't there!"
- Maryann Fernandez

" ... it always makes me think of summer, even in January."
- Sara Collins

" ... it's the most beautiful city I know!"
- Roberta Fariello

Recognize any of the names above? Want to share why YOU love Saratoga? Tell us in the comments below!

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