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Attention Outdoor Dining Aficionados: More Patio Seating To Come


Eating outside is a major perk of summer dining. After months of being cooped up indoors at dinner time, we can finally take advantage of the many patio seating options Saratoga restaurants offer. Developments are in place for Seven Horse Pub and Hattie's to join the legion of businesses that offer outdoor seating.

Though Hattie's already has some garden seating, the owners want to expand into Lena Lane with their next door neighbor on Phila Street, Seven Horse Pub. Right now, Lena Lane is merely an alley between the two restaurants that connects Phila Street and the Saratoga Springs Public Library.

Both restaurants see the alley as a promising spot to add outdoor seating. The proposed design shows each restaurant having a seating area for around 35 people, as well as sidewalk for pedestrians who still wish to cut between the buildings when heading to or from the library.

The details of this plan are still being worked out with city officials, but there's no reason that this proposal shouldn't get the green light.  With a little luck we'll all be happily munching outside in no time at all. Plus, with the long wait that can sometimes accompany dining out in Saratoga during the summer, more table space is the best news there is!

Where else do you like to eat outside in Saratoga? What's your favorite part of summer dining?

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