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Little Red Millinery: Saratoga's Newest Hat-Making Business


The annual hat contest during Hats Off to Saratoga is not something to be taken lightly- competition can get stiff. So, if you're planning ahead and already looking for a way to edge out the competition, head to Saratoga's newest hat-making business, Little Red Millinery!

The owner of the new business is Caroline Blake, a native of Brussels. The artist is now based in Saratoga Springs, after successfully launching Red Confetti Art Studio at 153 Regent Street in Saratoga last January.

As the business has grown and succeeded, Blake was inspired to create Little Red Millinery, a custom hat-making business. "Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved hats. And art is my passion. Why not combine the two?" Blake explains of her newest venture.

Hat making is the blood of this artist: her great-grandmother worked as a milliner in Brussels. Celebrating the rich tradition of hat-making, and hoping to bring a bit of European style and flair to Saratoga, Blake is following in the footsteps of her great-grandmother.

Hats range in price from $25 to $250 depending on the materials and amount of time that goes into each creation. Regardless of how much you're spending though, Blake works with each client to reflect their personality in each unique hat!

To celebrate the launch of Little Red Millinery, Blake will be hosting Top it Off, an event full of fun hat-making activities for children and adults. The event is free, but there will be a silent auction to benefit a local charity, and many more activities for attendees to enjoy. 

Will we see you at Top it Off? Will you be heading to Little Red Millinery to get a hat for track season? Tell  us what you think! 

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good that there will be a milliner in town; since Saratoga Boot closed down, Broadway is like a ghost town of dead businesses, but sounds like she is on Beekman & that's not boding well for downtown business!

I'm excited to see what style of hats she envisions for Saratoga in 2012.


The Little Red Millinery is located on Regent Street in a charming studio run by and even more charming girl. Her hats are creative and beautiful. Come and check out her designs and meet the artist Caroline Blake this Saturday June 23 from 2-6 at the Surrey Gardens on the Skidmore campus. This event will be sure to impress. You can even bring the kids!

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