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Caboose At Saratoga County Fair Restored


Many are familiar with the Caboose that graces the Saratoga County Fairgrounds. To the uninitiated it may seem like any old fair exhibit, but returning visitors can speak to the charm and delight that can be discovered in the old train car. This year, visitors can look forward to the Caboose being newly refurbished courtesy of some thoughtful community members.

That's right! In addition to donations from local businesses. Members of the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory NOVA (Network of Volunteers Association) Dave Nagle, Susan Rankin and Dave Kopecki came to the aid of the Caboose Restoration Project at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds this week.


The Caboose was originally built just a few hours from here, at the Angus Shops of the Canadian Pacific RR in Montreal in 1970 and traveled hundreds of thousands of miles before coming to rest on the Fairgrounds just a few short years ago.

Paints of Watervliet was the supplier of paint to the original caboose manufacturer, and they donated the "D&H Red" to the Fair to freshen up the paint. Other projects on the Caboose this year are the re-upholstering of the seats and benches inside the Caboose, some new windows (provided by Allerdice Building Supply and installed by Northern Dean), and a new roof by Steve's Roofing.

"These donations of time and materials by local businesses have made it possible to bring this valuable artifact back to life, to be enjoyed by Fair visitors for years to come," explained Frank Griffin, Saratoga County Fair vice president.

"A Caboose is an interesting thing," he continues. "It sparks the imagination of the young, while at the same time stirring the memories of days gone by for others."

Come and check out what this living museum is all about, and see the new renovations at the Saratoga County Fair this month. The Caboose will be open for visitors each day during the Fair, July 17-22, 2012.

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