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How Should I Know? - A New Blog!

Nicole Wardle, research and design engineer at Kitware, has started a new blog on Saratoga.com and it looks like a great idea! The blog is simple, yet captivating. Wardle will research topics that she knows nothing about, and share her new found knowledge with her readers!

Wardle has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Psychology and a master's in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She's done quite a bit of research while completing two theses on Natural Language Processing while at RPI.

Wardle's new project, How Should I Know? will test her research skills, as she sets out to learn about topics that she never had time (or a reason) to learn about in the past.

In her first post, Wardle introduces herself then dives right into the research she did on the Tudors (the subject of her favorite Showtime show). She discusses the royal family, and leaves us on a cliff hanger about Henry VIII taking the throne. Maybe she'll get back to that story in the future!

Her next post was on a topic we can all relate to. Mosquitoes. What attracts mosquitoes, what repels them, and what their role in the ecosystem is. An interesting read!

Is there anything you would like to learn about, but haven't had the chance? Let Nicole Wardle do the research for you (we think she likes it)! You can suggest topics by emailing her here: 


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