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NYC Ballet To Shorten 2013 Season


The sad rumors are true: next year, the NYC ballet will only be in Saratoga for one week. Even though this news caused great disappointment in Saratoga, it isn't all doom and gloom and here's why...

Marcia White, president and executive director of SPAC, noted that SPAC is in serious conversations with the National Ballet of Canada and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet about potential short-term engagements at SPAC in 2013, as an adjunct to NYCB's one-week program.

If that doesn't cheer you up, know that SPAC is continuously working to find a way for the NYCB to resume a two-week residency at SPAC in 2014. "The move to shorten the 2013 program to one week is a short-term, but necessary step," explains White.

"In recent years, the NYCB and SPAC, like arts organizations nationwide, have had to confront new financial realities," continues White. "We are all operating in an environment where funding from both public and private sources is more scarce, while the costs of doing business have continued to rise."

The NYC Ballet concluded its 2012 summer season at SPAC on Saturday.

How do you feel about the move to shorten the season? Do you remember the years when the ballet stayed for 3 weeks rather than just 7 days?

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