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10 Questions with "No Destination" Motorcycle Group

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to ask a member of "No Destination", a motorcycle group for men and women, a few questions. Kristine Choma is the event organizer of the the group and has been busy lately preparing for two of the group's biggest summer events: their Chili Cook-Off event and Poker Run.motorcycle.jpg

  1. What is the name of your motorcycle group?
    Our group is called "No Destination"
  2. What kind of motorcycle do you own?
    I own a little 2003 Suzuki Verago; and my fiancé owns a 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide.
  3. What is the next event coming up for you?
    We meet pretty much every Wednesday night; but the big event we have coming up is a "Chili Cook off" on Sunday 7/22/12.  It's a fund raising event for our group where we plan to have a nice long scenic ride. Then return to Trick Shots to have the Chili competition & find out who makes the best Chili. We've got trophies and prizes for the winners of the Chili Competition. In addition we have a DJ; and hopefully a band; we'll play a skill game on our bikes; couple other games off the bikes; and we've got a piñata full of prizes and gift cards, so it should be a super fun day. The purpose of the fundraising is to offset the costs the club incurs due to our annual Poker Run we have every August.  The purpose of the Poker Run is to raise money for MS Research and help fund the search for a cure for this horrible disease. Last year we raised $6,814.00 for MS.
  4. How long has your motorcycle group been together?
    This the 5th season for No Destination
  5. How many members are in your group?
    We currently have 366 members from all over the Capital District Area.
  6. If you can describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
  7. When did you start riding motorcycles?
    I got my license in 2002.
  8. What other hobbies do you have besides motorcycles?
    Traveling & Reading, when not running around boldly going no-where with 'No Destination".
  9. What is your current occupation?
    I'm a medical claims fraud investigator.
  10. How often do you ride during the summer months?
    As far as "No Destination" rides; we try to meet every Wednesday night at Trick Shots,  then of course our special events, going to rallies & weekend rides.... so pretty frequently.
For more questions about the events or joining the motorcycle group contact Kristine at (518) 322-2716

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