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Free WiFi At Saratoga Race Track This Year


With Opening Day tomorrow, it seems Saratoga Race Track is on everyone's mind! Now, NYRA has announced that for the first time, there will be free WiFi for track patrons this year, along with a little something extra for betting convenience...

According to a recent NYRA press release, the new free Wi-Fi network at Saratoga Race Track will be one of the most technologically-advanced networks for mobile on-track wagering in the industry and will provide convenient Internet access in all public areas of Saratoga Race Course. The high capacity network will serve patrons each day of the meet, beginning Opening Day, Friday, July 20th.

And with all the excitement at the track, what might you use WiFi for? Why, betting, of course!

"Our Wi-Fi network introduces a new FastBet Mobile platform for on-track wagering at Saratoga Race Course. We are excited to provide this additional convenience for fans who wish to place wagers on mobile devices through one of the most advanced wireless networks available," said NYRA President and COO Ellen McClain.

McClain is referring to United Tote's FastBet Mobile, an online wagering application that is available exclusively on-track and is designed for use on smart phones and tablets, including iPhones, iPads and most Android based tablets and phones. To use the application, you can grab a NYRA Cash Card and load it (as well as make future deposits and withdrawals) at any voucher window throughout the track. Then you visit the FastBet page, enter the card's account number and pin, and begin wagering. You can cash out at any teller window or simply keep your account balance on your NYRA Cash Card. If you ask me, this sounds like a much more convenient way to do your wagering, plus, no lines!

And even if you'd rather place your bets at the mutuel window, you can still take advantage of NYRA's new free WiFi by sharing your fun day (and fun track photos) with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and all those other fun social media sites.

"We also encourage track patrons to utilize our network to engage in social media activities by sharing their day at the race experience with friends and family," said McClain.

The new free WiFi at Saratoga Race Course was installed by a locally based company. NYRA went with Latham-based entertainment wifi company Deep Blue Communications to install the new WiFi network, which has as many as 50 access points, both indoors and outdoors.

What do you think? Are you glad there will be a free public WiFi network at Saratoga Race Track this summer? Will you be placing your bets electronically? Let us know!

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I think the wi fi will be the biggest hit of the season as long as it works. More people will attend as long as their wives can play on the computer while they can bet on the horses !!!!!!!

This is the best news I have had all summer :) I have the fortunate opportunity to not only be at the track and enjoy all that has to offer but now I can facilitate my Fantasy Football draft where I have to select my team remotely online. I have a mobile hotspot that has limited battery life and was very concerned how I could manage around that. But learning of this I am covered!! Yipee! Now all that I need to worry about is if the free Wifi will work properly AND if my exacta bets will payoff :)

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