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Run For Your Life It's A Zombie Invasion!

Run from zombies!!! Or be a zombie yourself, in this unique pre-Halloween 5k run in Saratoga Springs, appropriately named Rundead 5k!
If you're a fan of the Walking Dead and other zombie thrillers, this is your chance to become part of the fun while helping out a good cause! Don't worry, these aren't real zombies (actually one of them could be your next door neighbor!), so they won't be trying to bite you or anything. They will by trying to steal your flags, though. You start the race with 3 and must have at least one remaining to have "survived" the race. Proceeds and donations will help benefit Special Olympics New York.

Think you would make an awesome zombie? You can do that, too! All participants can sign up as a zombie or runner. Zombies and runners are then separated into two different flights. All runners can be in the "Fast Food" flight for the competitive runners or "All You Can Eat" flight for the non-competitive runners. Competitive runners that "survive" the race will be eligible for awards.

All zombies can be a "Hunter" zombie that moves at a fast pace for short distances or a "Crawler" zombie that moves at a slow pace only. Zombies can be any age and are to show in their best zombie attire. The Special Olympics team will transform you into a zombie once you get there (no telling what that might involve!).

The rUndead 5K takes place on October 28, and registration begins at 7:30 am. Runners will be trying to flee from zombies throughout the Saratoga Springs State Park

Get some friends together and try out a day in the shoes of the undead!
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photo credit: wvs via photo pin cc

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