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Chocolate Lovers Prepare: 10 Questions With The Owner Of Kilwins Coming Soon To Saratoga Springs

Everyone that is a fan of sweets will have another place to get their sugar fix when Kilwins opens on Broadway in Saratoga. The new sweet shop will offer all sorts of chocolate, ice cream, taffy and candy-coated apples. Construction on the eventual store site is expected to start soon at 420 Broadway, next to Lilliian's Restaurant. The store is not expected to be completed for another year, but I was able to ask the store's owner, Bill Hoffman, a few questions about the new sweet shop.

  1. How long have you been in the confectionery and ice cream shop industry?

    Bill: I opened the store about 4 years ago in Newport, Rhode Island.

  2. What is your favorite item on the menu?

    Bill: Tough one! Nutcracker Sweet (caramel corn with almonds and pecans) and our Cappuccino Chocolate Chip ice cream. Both are absolutely amazing.
  3. How did you decide on Saratoga being the location of your new Kiwlins?

    Bill: I am familiar with the area having grown up in the area. The combination of a tourist area with an excellent and active local community makes Broadway in Saratoga an excellent location for a Kilwins store. 

  4. If you could describe Kilwins in one word, what would it be?

    Bill: Special

  5. Do you plan on opening another candy shop in the future?

    Bill: At this point I have no plans to open any more than 2 stores, but you never know what could happen...

  6. Will you have any weekly or daily specials?

    Bill: Customers can expect to see seasonal specials along with monthly, weekly and daily specials. 

  7. Where did the name "Kilwins" come from?

    Bill: Don and Katy Kilwin started the business in Petoskey, Michigan. They opened the first Kilwins in 1947.
  8. How many employees will there be at the new location in Saratoga?

    Bill: Changes by the season, but usually 8-10 during the fall, winter and spring and up to 30 or more during the summer months. 

  9. How long did you live in the Capital District area?

    Bill: I moved to the Capital District when I was 7 and lived there through my high school years. After college I worked for Key Bank and GE in the Capital District, before being transferred to the Midwest where I lived for almost 25 years. 

  10. What advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own confectionery and/or ice cream shop?

    Bill: Provide the best possible service you can and to differentiate yourself from the competition.
While you wait for the new Kilwins in Saratoga Springs NY to open, you can get your sweet fix at one of the current Saratoga Springs ice cream shops in the area!

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