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Violet's of Saratoga offers women's clothing, Stella's of Saratoga - shoes. Why not put the two together? Clothes and shoes tend to go together fairly well (unless you like walking around barefoot in the winter)...and the two Saratoga shops are owned by Laura Farrar, so they are already sister stores. 

The lease has ended on Violet's location - 482 Broadway - and why have two properties when one location is more convenient and big enough to house both? So Farrar decided that Violet's of Saratoga is moving in with Stella's at 494 Broadway.

You won't see folks running down the street from Violet's for that stunning pair of shoes to go with the dress they just bought - now it's all in one place, Violet's & Stella's of Saratoga!  
I remember DARE when I was in middle school - do you? I think I remember it so much because Ihadacrushonthedetective...sh. (I was in fifth grade, give me a break).

But now for the smaller set of Saratogians - fifth graders, to be exact - it's not D.A.R.E for drug education and prevention program (or whatever it stood for, I can never quite make sense of it, but you know what I mean - drugs are bad!), but a new program called 'Too Good For Drugs.'
Saratogians, we will all have to find a new place to buy our books.

The Saratoga Springs Borders store is closing. Though honestly, I'm not sure when that's happening. Borders announced this morning that the company is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and one of the stores they are closing is the book store here on Broadway in Saratoga.

There is Lyrical Ballad still downtown, and Barnes and Noble out by Wilton...but that Borders is very convenient for us book lovers.

What do you think will replace the huge storefront of Borders downtown? Are there any businesses that you would really like to see there in it's place?    
Are you sending a Valentine today? 

...Apparently, quite a lot of people do. According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated one billion valentines are sent each year. 
Valentine's Day couple
If you aren't sending a Valentine, what are you doing? For me, today is just another Monday. For those that celebrate - there are quite a few restaurants in Saratoga with Valentine's specials...but if you haven't made your reservation yet...you may be in some significant trouble with your significant other. (Maybe you can remedy that if you manage to give a great Valentine's gift?? It's worth trying...) 

...Best of luck with that, and enjoy a Valentine's Day in Saratoga Springs




R E A D T H I S T E X T ?

I F N O T, M A Y B E Y O U N E E D Y O U R E Y E S C H E C K E D . . .
Re-posted from 2.09.11 due to techno-issuez.
Instead of a photo today, it's video! 

Local Saratoga band Phantogram has a new video for 'When I'm Small' that premiered after the show Skins on MTV. (video after the jump)

And for those that were around Saratoga last summer, there was a movie being filmed - co-written and  co-directed by Sean Fallon and wife Charlotte. Take a look at the trailer for their movie, Virgin Alexander.   
Saratoga Springs, NY - Rockabella Boutique doesn't live on Broadway anymore.

The owner, Jackie Szurek, moved from Broadway to Lake Ave, right across from the police station. 

With a new location comes a new focus - prom, weddings and Rockabella now go hand in hand.
Rockabella will of course have the same trendy and glamorous feel to the designs, but more on the formal side now - perfect for those special occasions.  

Looking for a great prom dress that both you and your mom will like? Or a unique bridesmaids dress?

 Check out Rockabella's new location!    
There was a lot going on this weekend in Saratoga. First Chowderfest - we have the winners - and then the Super Bowl...I think the world was determined to put everyone in a food coma this weekend to get all that could be got out of the last dregs of winter (as, according to Puxatony Phil, we don't have six more weeks of winter to look forward to). 

But ok, I headed over to Chowderfest Saturday (it was my first). It was packed - people were saying it was more busy than even Travers or First Night this year. But I tried...uhm...5 chowders?  Circus Cafe, Saratoga Specialties, Hatties, Black Diamond Caterers, and the Culinary Federation. 
Saratoga Springs snowstorm in February
Snow for Saratoga Springs - as of about 7:00 AM this morning

Feeling peckish for filet mingon and edamame, or sashimi and risotto? 

Head over to Duo - Modern Japanese cuisine - on South Broadway.

Wilfred Sheng, the owner and chef, has decided on an atypical look at American-Japanese fusion, a different angle on Japanese food in Saratoga. 

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