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One of Saratoga's most popular delis, The Hungry Spot, recently changed owners. However, those who are long time customers will be relieved to find out who it is! 

Photo Courtesy of The Hungry Spot's Facebook
I feel like I've been waiting for this day since we first heard about it back in November... Saratoga's newest cocktail bar, Hamlet & Ghost, will begin a soft opening this week! Get the details: 

Photo Courtesy of Hamlet & Ghost's Facebook
As you may have heard, Capriccio Saratoga recently closed its doors for the final time. However, there are exciting new plans for the space that are sure to please! Get the scoop: 

As you may already know, Lillian's Restaurant closed its doors permanently last week on New Year's Day. While we already miss the Saratoga staple, you can actually own a piece of its history! Find out more: 

As a born and raised upstate New Yorker, I have a distinct sense of pride when it comes to Stewart's Shops. Where else can you pump your gas and pop in for a delicious, hand-packed pint of goodness? The inaugural Stewart's, which rang in its 70th birthday in September, will be rebuilt from the ground up. However, did you know that the first store was right in our own backyard? Get the scoop: 

Saratoga's busiest season may be over, but there is still a ton of recent business happenings in the area! From business expansions to new living communities, we have you covered. 


The 2015 racing season may have ended, but we have more horse news for the Saratoga area! Rood and Riddle, a Kentucky based equine hospital, will expand its Saratoga Springs branch this fall. 

If you've been to the track, SPAC, Skidmore or either of the Co-ops in Albany or Niskayuna, you may have noticed Saratoga Juice Bar products on their shelves. This surging increase in the juice's popularity has caused the owner's to sell one of their other business ventures.

Everyone knows August in Saratoga is busy, busy, busy! So, if you're not caught up on your local business news, have no fear. Two Spa City businesses have been up to exciting things, with a focus on food and clothes (is there a better combination?) Take a peek:

It's always nice to know where the perfectly sewn seams on your favorite pair of work out gear came from. Greater Than Sports, commonly referred to as GTS Clothing, is an athletic clothing brand that not only has their headquarters planted in Saratoga Springs, but everything is made start to finish under the same roof, as well. 

We were lucky enough to have Dan Gejay, the marketing director at GTS, share the brand's story with us. Check it out!

Photo courtesy of GTS Clothing's Facebook page

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