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One of the nation's best banks is located right in Saratoga!

Saratoga National Bank and Trust Company has once again been recognized as a 5-Star Superior bank by BauerFinancial, Inc., the nation's leading bank rating firm. The Company has earned this renowned designation for the past 24 consecutive quarters.

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For the last two years, GlobalFoundries, a semiconductor foundry with a facility in Malta, has been working to strengthen its relationship with Apple in an attempt to secure business from the electronics giant. That work has paid off as it has recently been reported that Samsung Corp. was awarded Apple's latest processor chip contract and plans to share the work with GlobalFoundries.


Several new businesses are planning on setting up shop in Saratoga in the near future. From the Capital Region's favorite place to get your car sparkling clean to one of GlobalFoundries' suppliers, we have you covered on which businesses are making Saratoga their new home.


If you've ever been to Hattie's, then this may not come as a surprise! 


Who says startups have to start in San Fran? Saratoga is home to several small startups, ranging from video game developers to workflow software inventors. And you may be thinking - WHY Saratoga? Not to be partial to this gorgeous city, but others even agree - Saratoga is the bomb.com. 

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Do YOU love The Saratoga Winery? While you may be a regular to the winery and tasting room just 4 miles west of downtown Saratoga, we might have some tidbits that would surprise you. I was able to chat with co-owner Tara Nimmo to find out some interesting facts that not everyone knows - check out the 11 Things You Didn't Know About The Saratoga Winery!

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Why should heading to Splitsville have to be a drag? Imagine being greeted at the Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa with gift baskets filled with sparkling water, red wine, a voucher for spa treatments, among other treats. Sound like post-nuptial honeymoon glory at its finest? Think again!  


New businesses are popping up all over the Saratoga region just in time for Spring! From Smashburger to a paint studio where you can sip your favorite beverage... we have you covered on our favorite new spots that have just arrived and those on their way to the area!


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Candy lovers rejoice! Saratoga Sweets is returning to the spa city and will be teaming up with The Candy Co. of Saratoga to create one super sweet shop: Saratoga Sweets Candy Co. January 25 is the target launch date of this venture, so get ready for new creations of the same quality you know and love!


Holiday Inn at Saratoga Springs has plans for a $2.5 to $3 million renovation and expansion project.

In addition to standard room upgrades and refresh, there are also some exciting additions planned to help this hotel stay competitive among the ever competitive lodging options in Saratoga Springs.


Here's a highlight of what's in store for the Holiday Inn renovations:

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