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Tom Durkin is retiring after a 24 year long career as Saratoga County's favorite race track announcer. Durkin thrills horse racing fans with his exciting and unique style. The last race he calls will be held on August 31, 2014.

The bluish-white words "The Wine Bar" are illuminated on the sidewalk in front of the picturesque Broadway restaurant that sits lofted above the sidewalk. The Wine Bar's 14-year tenure at this ideal location is getting a refreshing update under new Restaurant Manager Matt Campion and Executive Chef Cameron Nealey.


Although it's 2013 and not 1963, the halls of Skidmore College are abuzz with Beatlemania. Each fall before Thanksgiving, students, faculty, and the Skidmore community gear up for the annual Beatles tribute concert, Beatlemore Skidmania

We spoke with Professor Gordon Thompson, the man behind the student group that plans the event. We also got a chance to chat with student David Slitzky about his experience as a performer and an organizer of the incredibly popular concert.

On Friday, October 11, at 7:30am in the morning, Jeannette Liebers opened the doors to her much-anticipated Sweet Mimi's Cafe on Phila Street in downtown Saratoga.

A recent visit to the Saratoga Automobile Museum made a lasting impression on Robert Moskovits, an executive at the national charity Kars4Kids, headquartered in Lakewood, NJ.

Somewhat of a car enthusiast, Moskovits was amazed at how the Auto Museum opened his eyes to new pieces of automotive history he had yet to learn. He couldn't stop talking about his Auto Museum trip to his coworkers, and they got in touch with us here at Saratoga.com to share his experience and photos.

Franklin Airman Owned By Charles Lindbergh

The following is a first-hand account of Moskovits' visit:

"Being part of Kars4Kids for a while now has given me a real appreciation for cars.

It was an appreciation that developed over time; at first I was just familiar with cars nearing their end-of-life, and grew to learn how every car no matter how rusted, dented, or what mechanical issues it may have can still make a huge impact . Every car has some value and that value can put a smile on the face of a child.

Gardening Goddess Sense and Sustainablity, a new gardening blog by SueAnn Dubois, promises much in its first entries! Find out what you and your garden can gain from working together!

"Tails in the City" is a new blog by Armando Morales you'll love if you like animals or have dogs and want to know what your pet may be thinking. Do you love dogs? If so, read on!

Saratoga hat day is a time-honored tradition at the Racetrack. In fact, hats have been a longstanding tradition in Saratoga for several decades! This past weekend was the Hats Off To Saratoga Festival with the weekend concluding with the annual Saratoga Hat Contest on Sunday at the Racetrack.

The annual Saratoga Hat Contest is always such fun, seeing the creativity of Saratoga fans, young and old, sporting their most surprisingly outrageous and over-the-top hats. We roamed the track talking with and taking pictures of some of the most notable hats we saw to share with you. Be warned -- some hats are a bit wacky! Check out the variety and inventiveness of the vibrant community at work in the bizarre hats and outfits!

LOGO WEARHAUS FC.jpgMichelle Taylor and her son, Rob Taylor, have moved their sports shop, Ralph's Sporting Goods, to a new location with new products offered! Michelle and Rob sold the lacrosse division of their sporting goods store and are now focusing on screen-printing and embroidery. Logo Wearhaus, their new store, is located in Carousel Village Plaza in Milton, one store front over from their former location.

The new store location will continue to be a 5.11 dealer for fire fighter, police, and EMS uniforms. They have a direct relationship with over 3,500 manufacturers that brings over 800,000 items available to the American worker. 

I asked Michelle's son, Rob, a few questions to find more about their new fresh business that offers top-quality embroidery and screen printing.
Everyone in the Saratoga Springs area will have a new place to help stay in shape and keep eating healthy. Healthy Living Market and Cafe, an independently owned natural foods market, will be opening in the Wilton Mall in early 2013. Healthy Living Market will offer a variety of local, organic, and natural groceries. The Cafe will allow people to dine in or take out and you can buy wines at Divine Wines, inside of Healthy Living Market. I wanted to find out more about the new natural foods market and asked the owner, Katy Lesser, ten questions about her new store.....

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