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Have you ever been to The Local on Beekman in Saratoga's art district? If you haven't, I suggest you go immediately and if you have, it's hard to imagine if it could get any better. Well, my friends, I bear pretty exciting news regarding Saratoga Springs' beloved Local. Check it out:

Who can say no to steamy ramen, succulent burgers and homemade barbecue? I know I can't! Spa City Trifecta, a new restaurant in Saratoga Springs, has brought together all three delicacies under one roof!

As with most things in Saratoga during the summer, the world of food is no different... there is a lot going on! From new franchises planning to set up shop to seasonal menus on Broadway to dining for a good cause, we've rounded up some businesses happenings in Saratoga's food and restaurant scene for you to catch up on.


Saratoga Race Course has three main "premium" restaurants where seats must be reserved and dress code policies are enforced. Some seats at these restaurants offer excellent views of the track. This year, seats at The Turf Terrace, The Club Terrace and The Porch not only cost more, but reservations must also be paid in advance.

Saratoga Race Course

The Top Notch Tavern in West Galway reopened last fall at the site of what was originally (decades past) the West Galway Hotel. Current owner, James Palmateer, is the grandson of Doreen and David Palmateer, the original owners of the Top Notch Tavern who started it all, back in the 1960's.

After being sold, redefined and now restored to its original glory, remnants of the Top Notch Tavern's rich history are finally whispering from the walls.


Dating back to the Civil War Era, this venue was built as a stagecoach stop and hotel in the 1860's. Civil War cavalry would often stop for a rest there!

It became The Top Notch Tavern after Doreen purchased it with her husband David in 1968, making their home there and running a small bar and grill operation that quickly grew in popularity.

You may remember starting back in February when Mingle offered their "Attitude of Gratitude" promotion where 15% of breakfast, lunch and dinner proceeds were offered to a different local organization every Monday. This past Thursday, Mingle invited the 12 organization beneficiaries to take part in the "Giving Back Event" and the results were outstanding

Several famous Saratoga snacks and restaurants have made their way to the pages of "A Taste of Upstate New York" a book highlighting popular bites from all over the region by Chuck D'Imperio. 

Not only does D'Imperio write about the food itself, he also delves into the stories behind the recipes, as well as the people! If you've ever been to the Saratoga Farmers' Market, you may even recognize Teresa Alger, the mind behind Saratoga Crackers on the cover of the book! 


A short drive up the Northway, just off exit 19 in Queensbury, NY, sits a hidden gem restaurant and country store that the owner literally built with his own two hands--The Silo.

The Silo barns

If walls could talk, The Silo Restaurant and Country Store would have quite the history to share. Most people don't know that the silo itself was actually transported to its current location from a real, working farm in Saratoga County!

The Circus Café and The Crown Grill have something to celebrate... they're coming together as one! The two restaurants have joined forces and will feature one menu featuring the best of both restaurants (Yes, including Circus Café's famous burger.)

Giuseppe Grisio, owner of Mama Mia's Pizza & Cafe on Ballston Ave. in Saratoga Springs, will be opening a new American steak-and-seafood restaurant sometime in May, according to The Times Union.


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