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Several famous Saratoga snacks and restaurants have made their way to the pages of "A Taste of Upstate New York" a book highlighting popular bites from all over the region by Chuck D'Imperio. 

Not only does D'Imperio write about the food itself, he also delves into the stories behind the recipes, as well as the people! If you've ever been to the Saratoga Farmers' Market, you may even recognize Teresa Alger, the mind behind Saratoga Crackers on the cover of the book! 


A short drive up the Northway, just off exit 19 in Queensbury, NY, sits a hidden gem restaurant and country store that the owner literally built with his own two hands--The Silo.

The Silo barns

If walls could talk, The Silo Restaurant and Country Store would have quite the history to share. Most people don't know that the silo itself was actually transported to its current location from a real, working farm in Saratoga County!

The Circus Café and The Crown Grill have something to celebrate... they're coming together as one! The two restaurants have joined forces and will feature one menu featuring the best of both restaurants (Yes, including Circus Café's famous burger.)

Giuseppe Grisio, owner of Mama Mia's Pizza & Cafe on Ballston Ave. in Saratoga Springs, will be opening a new American steak-and-seafood restaurant sometime in May, according to The Times Union.


Snow is melting, coats are shedding and patios are FINALLY opening up... this could only mean one thing: spring in Saratoga! Get outside and enjoy both the weather and the amazingness that is Saratoga Dining. We hope you aren't hungry because you definitely will be after reading our list of must-try dishes this spring.


If you've ever been to Hattie's, then this may not come as a surprise! 


No, this is not an April Fool's joke... Come celebrate Spring and the start of patio season!


New businesses are popping up all over the Saratoga region just in time for Spring! From Smashburger to a paint studio where you can sip your favorite beverage... we have you covered on our favorite new spots that have just arrived and those on their way to the area!


photo credit: Smashburger via photopin (license)

The weather is frigid, and most of us are already daydreaming about July sunshine, sandals and sunscreen. While our puffy jackets, wool sweaters and infinity scarves are doing relatively well keeping us warm this winter in Saratoga, there really is nothing quite like a hot cup of joe to warm you up from the inside out. We've compiled our Favorite 5 Cafes To Help You Survive The Saratoga Winter - so keep calm, and drink up!

Can you believe Chowderfest 2015 is almost here?! If you're like me and crazy for seafood, you're probably wondering where to go this Saturday to find delicious lobster meat, crab claws, clams and other seafood yummies in your chowder samples. Well, good news, we have your road map to find the participants who are serving various seafood chowders this year. (And if you hate seafood or have an allergy, you'll know which places to avoid!)


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