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Valentines Day cupcakesJanuary tends, for me, to be one of those lost months, and this last week, especially engenders itself to be a lost week or a lost weekend. One of those times where you look back and say 'Where did that month (week, day) go?'

For me personally, this weekend will not be as such, for reasons I will leave off the internet...but fun will ensue. 

There are a lot of things happening soon to look forward too, though! What are you looking forward to the most?    
There seems to be some sort of pub.lounge.thing being worked on under Ezperanto, D.A.'s, The Vault & Saratoga Guitar's second location. New bar? Caroline Street? Surprising.

Supposedly, it's horse themed (it's Saratoga, of course it's horse themed...were you expecting something different?) and the building permit says it's called The Paddock Bar.

The owner of the building, Bill Walbridge, is keeping the details hush-hush for a bit longer.

But as the Saratogian In The Biz blog entry notes:
"It's a dynamite space. The space is pretty vast and cavernous, with really high ceilings.They're beginning to finish up (renovating) the facilities and are now getting into the d├ęcor."
The venue is big enough to host live music, Pouch said, and it appears it will be ready to join the Saratoga nightlife circuit by this summer." 
Any guesses as to the success of this venue, or what incarnation it'll take? Or does anyone have details they'd be willing to share?? I'm all ears.

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