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Candy lovers rejoice! Saratoga Sweets is returning to the spa city and will be teaming up with The Candy Co. of Saratoga to create one super sweet shop: Saratoga Sweets Candy Co. January 25 is the target launch date of this venture, so get ready for new creations of the same quality you know and love!


Impressions of Saratoga is one of those cornerstone Saratoga stores that we all love for just about a million reasons. With everything from souvenirs for visitors to everyday Saratoga gear, they have it all. We've been thinking though, what is it that really makes Impressions special? It's not the great prices or the variety of selection. It's the little things.

Travers Day has passed, your skin has absorbed all the UV rays you could possibly imagine, the bathing suit section at Target is almost now fully non-existent, and there seems to be a "back-to-school savings" flyer in your mailbox at least twice a week. What does that mean?...Sadly, the summer is drawing to a close.

If you haven't done or seen these things, then you're not doing Saratoga right. I've compiled a list of things, i.e. places to go or eat and activities to do, that I, and most of Saratoga, consider a crime if you haven't at least tried. So grab a seat and read through this list. If you find something you haven't otherwise heard of, you're welcome, because I've just made your weekend plans for you.

Local fashion leader opens new designer-focused shop in downtown Saratoga that will feature luxury consignment at off Broadway prices!

Craving more free time? Does your busy lifestyle make it difficult to get daily tasks done and still have time to enjoy your family and leisure time? If so, then this is one business you will surely want to take advantage of.

Google photographers are able to create a revolutionary "street view" of a venue that actually takes the user on a 360-degree tour inside the venue. They recently visited Crafters Gallery of Saratoga Springs, NY. Check out the result!

A few months back, in Wilton Mall, The Comic Depot packed up 3500 square feet of thousands of back-issued comics, boxes of graphic novels, manga, paperback books and comic supplies, piles of action figures, busts, posters and Japanese snacks, and thousands of MTG singles and binders full of YuGiOh singles, and moved to their dream location on Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs.

There are two types of Holiday shoppers: those who love the gift-buying rush, plan out their shopping in advance, and relish the thrill of a good deal. Then there's the rest of us, wandering through stores with a Scrooge-like attitude, uninspired list, and tight budget.

That's why Saratoga.com rounded up their huge giveaway of $1,500 in gift certificates to Saratoga restaurants, stores, and spas! 

Tucked away on a quiet country road seemingly in the middle of nowhere yet somehow close to it all, there lies a hidden gem that is every bit worth discovering as a cool glass of water in the midst of the desert.

This unpretentious venue with glossy wooden tables and more bottles of beer on the wall than you can sing may soon become your favorite place to grab a quick breakfast or lunch... or possibly even dinner as the Route 67 Country Store and Cafe considers adding a dinner menu to their roster of fresh-from-the-farm selections.

From the humble beginnings of a tired old Harmony Corners X-Tra Mart in 2008, Route 67 Country Store and Cafe first opened in 2009, offering a fully renovated, clean, contemporary community meeting place for residents looking to fill their tanks or tummies in the Charlton area, southwest of Saratoga between Ballston Spa and Amsterdam.


The Food

Regulars agree, the specialty breakfast and lunch selections are beyond amazing, featuring honest, fresh ingredients that offer fullness in flavor with every bite, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. Get your meal to go, or slow down and sit down with a glass of their homemade lemonade and take it all in.

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