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This past weekend, Saratoga played host to Winter Olympics hopefuls as some of the top speedskaters in the country competed in the American Cup Short Track Speedskating Championship at the Saratoga Winter Club on Weibel Ave.


The event was held in preparation for the US Speedskating Olympic Trials, which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah around the holidays. The best of the best will then move on to Team USA to compete for those prized medals in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games!

This year, however, the Olympic speedskater who holds the unofficial title of "most medaled U.S. athlete at the Winter Games" has announced he will not be competing.

The Saratoga 150 Viewing Stand Replica, built recently by Legacy Timber Frames and designed by Saratoga architect Phinney Design Group, restores and reinvigorates the Victorian aspect and history of the Oklahoma Track. It'll enthrall and excite anyone who appreciates the history or the horses!

Kevin Brockley of Gansevoort, New York, was the first chosen for the direct $15,000 wager as part of the Saratoga 150 celebration!

A free shuttle to the Saratoga Race Course is now available at the Saratoga Casino and Raceway!

Saratoga hat day is a time-honored tradition at the Racetrack. In fact, hats have been a longstanding tradition in Saratoga for several decades! This past weekend was the Hats Off To Saratoga Festival with the weekend concluding with the annual Saratoga Hat Contest on Sunday at the Racetrack.

The annual Saratoga Hat Contest is always such fun, seeing the creativity of Saratoga fans, young and old, sporting their most surprisingly outrageous and over-the-top hats. We roamed the track talking with and taking pictures of some of the most notable hats we saw to share with you. Be warned -- some hats are a bit wacky! Check out the variety and inventiveness of the vibrant community at work in the bizarre hats and outfits!

Even the New York Times can't believe Saratoga's celebrating it's 150th Birthday! A sweeping article combines history with personal anecdote, and remarks the area as a whole in addition to the racetrack. The article mentions some of Saratoga's most exciting features to give readers a taste of the town. 

Do you love horses? Wanna read the inside scoop on the racetrack from lifetime thoroughbred horse enthusiast and well-known horse photographer Joe Ganley? His new blog features personal anecdotes and thrilling descriptions of the life of an obsessive horse-racing hobbyist.

The Saratoga 150 celebration included an equine window decorating contest which recently concluded. The entries went above and beyond what was expected, creating such fabulous and impressive window displays that the judge had trouble picking a winner!

The Saratoga 150 celebration is the talk of the city this summer. With commemorative events planned for all interests, art aficionados are not forgotten!

Local artist, Tom Myott joins in the celebration with a showing of 'Hats Off to 150 Years' - a collection of original paintings celebrating the Saratoga racing tradition on display at Gallery at Silverwood.

Painting in a series of strokes and dashes, Myott has the ability to capture the excitement and action of a day at the races using a myriad of lush, vibrant colors.


Shopping at the racetrack? Who would have thought? Now you can at the "Boutiques at the Grandstand!" The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) recently announced an all-new retail area for track patrons. The "Boutiques at the Grandstand" will feature an array of fashion and art vendors.

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