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Target Distribution Center

129 North Rd.
Wilton, NY 12831


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6 reviews from our community

Build in delay time prior to coming to this location, to be exact make it a prices that hard to turn down regardless of wait, otherwise stay away

My 1st and last time here it’s Saturday already lost 2nd load. Please don’t come here bro

Dec 21 2020 1800
Management should read the Google reviews of there distribution center.most unprofessional staff working the guard shack I've ever encountered. No one looks forward to delivering here and avoids it if possible. Drivers have a hard enough time without being degraded by your guard shack personal. Hopefully management will see these reviews and adress the issues

I had a load from MInnesota on 10/9/20 apt 10am. Came 9/8/20 12pm. They didn’t want to take the load before apt which is 22hrs later, than came back next day 10/9/20 9:00am and then told me is going to take 5 hrs to empty my treiler so I am here 24hrs plus 5 hrs total of 29 hrs to get unload my treiler. What a joke. This company is not good and they don’t care your time. This is my last ever to bring a load no mater what they pay.

Thanks guys I just turned down a load going here based on your reviews and past experience with target in Amsterdam, Ny. If we all keep each other informed and refuse to goto these places maybe they will get the idea

Last stop and the slowest 600 cases over 3 hrs now still waiting. Unreal. Reload 2 hrs away. This place sucks. Events

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