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Rescued retired racehorses promoting therapeutic wellness in mental health treatment.
683 Lake Avenue Saratoga Springs, NY 12866|
hand petting a horseTherapeutic Horses of Saratoga cares for rescued retired racehorses.
woman embracing a horseThese retired racehorses have been retrained as therapy horses.
small group of people near a horseEquine Assisted Learning connects therapy horses with vulnerable members of the community.
two teen girls near a horseBoth adults and children can participate in their therapeutic programs.
small group of people around a horse in a stableTherapeutic Horses of Saratoga works with licensed mental health therapists.
a brown horseThis special facility allows horses to have a second purpose in life.
a horse galloping in a fenced in areaThese retired racehorses get to live in a safe, healthy environment.
woman with two horsesThe organization meets the around the clock needs of these animals.
logo for therapeutic horses of saratogaTherapeutic Horses of Saratoga is located in Saratoga Springs, NY.


Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga connects therapy horses with uniquely qualified professionals to facilitate life-changing connections.  Most of our horses are retired Standardbred and Thoroughbred racehorses that have been retrained for therapy use.

Providing Care for Rescued Retired Racehorses

Located in Saratoga Springs, Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga, Inc. (THS) is committed to providing retired racehorses a second purpose in life as valuable partners for people engaged in therapeutic programs. This includes both children and adults with mental illness, veterans, victims of domestic violence, and others in need of care. THS’s mission also includes researching the benefits of EAL as a means of broadening the understanding of the utility of this type of treatment.

THS works in partnership with licensed mental health therapists to offer Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) services. The organization meets the around the clock needs of their horses to ensure they have a healthy lifestyle and environment.

What to Expect From Equine Assisted Learning

Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga's facilities include a welcome center, stables, and acres of nature to explore. Their Equine Assisted Learning services use the diverse personalities and calming effects of horses as a way to help clients work through their emotional challenges.

No riding is involved with these services, and no prior horse knowledge is needed. Equine Assisted Learning acts as a complement to traditional mental health therapy by using a client’s interpretation of a horse’s movements, behaviors, and reactions as a metaphor to identify and change negative patterns of thinking that lead to emotional difficulties. Clients are able to build a healthy relationship with the horses and work past the pain of their current struggles.

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