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Saratoga Travel Tips

Filling up a Car with Gas

Almost time for your vacation! Take these last steps right before you are ready to head out.

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Book Early
Pack Strategically

Before You Go

Prep: Before You Go

  1. If you are driving to Saratoga Springs, get a tune up. Check the air pressure on all tires and get an oil change to be sure your vehicle is ready for the road! Get directions to Saratoga »»
  2. Get a head start. Leave early in the morning or late at night to avoid traffic gridlocks. Many travelers leave right after a meal so its best to bypass leaving at these times.
  3. Fill up the gas tank when it is coldest outside. Gas tends to be denser when it is cold, and you may get more gas for your buck!
  4. Get the numbers down. If you are staying at a Saratoga hotel, resort or bed and breakfast inn, program the lodging's direct phone number into your cell phone.
  5. Hit your local bank before you leave to stock up on cash. If your bank isn't in Saratoga, you could be charged with countless ATM fees that add up quickly. Plus, some banks charge their own fee for transactions that do not occur at their facilities.

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