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Saratoga Real Estate Market

Analysis Of Current Market & Insights From Saratoga Real Estate Experts

Saratoga Real Estate Still Strong

SARATOGA SPRINGS NY - With the US economy in rough shape and talks swirling about a depression, the Saratoga real estate market is still thriving.

"Buyers are still buying here," said Saratoga Springs real estate broker and professional engineer Allen DiAlberto of Sustainable Designs. "The Saratoga market is not suffering like a lot of markets around the country. We still enjoy a steady stream of new comers to the area that are looking for Saratoga homes."

Saratoga real estate expert Tom Roohan of Roohan Realty echoed the same sentiment. "You see all this bad news hype in the media about conditions in other areas, and those problems don't affect us," he said. "We don't have all those layoffs. We have good interest rates. Our biggest problem is not having enough inventory for clients to look at!"

Saratoga Springs Real Estate Guide

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Brian Ward, the Sales and Marketing Director at Witt Construction, Inc. admitted that although the market seems grim, Witt Construction has also seen continued success for the sale of upscale, custom homes in Saratoga. "This area remains unique in that it is a popular destination, a great place to raise a family and is attractive for second home and retirement buyers," he said.

But why are buyers still buying in Saratoga? Homes for sale in other area markets aren't doing nearly as well. The experts credit an old real estate adage "location, location, location!"

"With real estate, it's all about location," said DiAlberto. "Saratoga Springs is still the most beautiful place to live in Saratoga County. And the surrounding towns are a great compliment to the city, offering country living with direct access to the city and great shopping in Wilton."

"All real estate is all about location, location, location," said Roohan. "Saratoga County is strategically located between New York City, Buffalo, Boston and Montreal. It's a 30-minute drive from the Albany Airport. We have Skidmore College, Empire State College, beautiful parks, the greatest thoroughbred racing in the world. Saratoga is a great place to live."

A new trend has also developed in the Saratoga real estate market.

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