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Saratoga Is The Place To Be

"Every day at Saratoga feels like it's time to roll out the roses." - Jamie Newell writes in Destination: Saratoga! A featured article in Smile Politely.

By: Emma Yepsen | August 2010

Editor's Note 9/3/18: After a 25-year career at Saratoga Racetrack, Sam "the Bugler" Grossman retired at the end of the 2018 summer meet.

Saratoga Springs NY -- If this article Jamie Newell wrote from Smile Politely online magazine doesn't make you want to come to Saratoga, nothing will! Comparing every day at Saratoga Race Course to the Kentucky Derby, Newell emphasizes the history, culture, entertainment and euphoria that Saratoga brings to any visitor.

Saratoga is a charming destination for the likes of anyone. As Newell states it is a "dignified, family-friendly outing tailored to cater every mood, from high-class in heels and feathers to flopped-out in Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt."

Take my word for it, if you are not a fan of horse racing now, you will be after going to Saratoga Race Course. The sheer energy from the crowd is enough to make anyone interested in being more than a makes you want to become involved. Newell shares this view, stating "one can't help but be swept up in the spirit of the place."

Other than horse racing, crowd watching, or enjoying a tasty bite to eat from one of the many race track consessions, there is also a variety of live music being played daily (in addition to the trumpet sounds of Sam the Bugler!).

Newell points out that "original architecture still stands as it had back in the Roaring 20s." And if you want to go back even further in history than the 20s, sample some of the famous spring water that Saratoga was named after. The Big Red Spring is located in the back yard of the race track

You have to see for yourself to get the true feeling of Saratoga Race Course. But Newell's Destination: Saratoga! really hit the nail on the head in describing this historic park uncomparable to any other.

Visit the Saratoga Race Track Guide for more information on special events, the racing schedule, Travers Stakes, history, along with everything else you need to know before heading to the track!

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