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Frozen Treats In Saratoga Springs NY

By: Nicole Dallek

Spring is just around the corner and the warm air has just hit the streets! There is nothing better than a nice frozen treat to cool you down while walking down Broadway. Frozen treats

This spring at 382 Broadway, Johnny and Carrie Sciangula will be open Johnny's Gourmet Italian Ices. The store will offer handcrafted ice creams, vegan ice creams, traditional Italian water ices and cream ices in an array of flavors!

This new gourmet Italian ice store will be located in the space that was most recently the KEM leather goods store and also the former Saratoga Newsstand.

Inside the store you will find stools that add to the "little Victorian Café" feel and outside you will find an iron fence surrounding the outdoor tables and chairs and a big bright magenta awning.

"It's going to be the place for a good, inexpensive treat for everybody." Johnny said.

An opening date is pending, so keep checking back for updates!

Let's not forget about the direct competition Plum Dandy Frozen Yogurt that appears to be opening across the street and Eugenio's Café Gelato located at 458 Broadway!