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Chuck Veeder sits down for a 10 Questions interview with Chuck Veeder, owner of CV Golf: Expert Golf Instruction & Custom Golf Clubs. For the past 20 years Chuck has been the Capital Region's go-to guy for golf expertise. Get to know him and see what he can do for your golf game!

1. How long have you been in business?

I have been in business for 20 years, specializing in custom club services and home putting greens. I added golf instruction about 10 years ago and the business has grown every year since.

2. What services do you offer to golfers in the Capital Region?

Today I offer both traditional and adaptive golf instruction. I work with a range facility which allows me to offer clinics for up to 20 students at a time. Both corporate and individual groups can be accommodated. Other offerings include retail sales of golf equipment/ training aids, custom club services, club repair, and synthetic turf putting greens.

I teach with T-Golf®, which is sophisticated yet remarkably simple to use revolutionary new teaching system for both player development and introduction to golf to new players. I build the golf swing without exposing the player to the game's frustrations which cuts down on the bad habits such as swaying, reverse pivoting, lifting the club, head lifting, topping, shanking, whiffing and more. I work from a position of superior balance giving an advantage to the student and teacher. This makes learning golf a progressive, fun and confidence building event.

3. What benefits does a video lesson offer a golfer?

Video allows the student to see what they are doing which lends to proper feel with proper motion. Once a student gains the proper move visually in their minds eye, then progress comes quickly for the individual student. When video is combined with T-Golf®, then results become more immediate.

4. What results can golfers expect after taking a lesson with you?

Everyone sees positive results, but continual progress depends upon the student. I usually ask students to do an assigned golf related drill for about 10 to 15 minutes a day. These drills can be done right at home allowing the student to improve the golf swing without going to a training facility to hit ball after ball. The body is being trained to make a consistent movement. The T-Golf® system allows students to practice both indoors or out.

5. How old were you when you first hit a golf ball?

I was 6 years old working on a farm. I started hitting balls out into the corn fields to take a break from work.

6. You have a studio in Middle Grove NY - can you bring golf instructions to your clients as well?

Yes everything is portable. I currently teach golf for the Town of Malta Community Center and have even done a golf instruction birthday party. I can also make house calls.

7. Can you help with a player's putting game as well?

Yes putting is an important part of the game since it is the scoring zone. You hit between 30 - 40 putts for a full18 hole round of golf. Technique and proper equipment lend to an improvement in putting.

I also build and install Tour Links home putting greens for individuals who want to practice at home. It is a great piece of practice equipment, which I also sell as a do-it-yourself kit for individuals that enjoy doing projects. Home putting greens no longer have to be ultra expensive.

8. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to get out to play golf, work on my swing and game. Also, I enjoy my vegetable garden, sailing, cooking, and watching stock car racing on dirt tracks.

9. What is adaptive golfing?

Adaptive golf is using golf as a type of therapy for those who have had traumatic injuries or life changing crisis. It can be applied to any individual or groups such as our military veterans who have sufferd injuries while serving our country. I have been working with Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital Recreational Therapy Area and two VA hospitals to help to get survivors to participate in a fun therapy where they can socialize and get back into main stream society.

I also have started to do consulting for medical groups and facilities that might want to start using adaptive golf as a means of therapy. T-Golf® has proven to be a great tool for the practice of adaptive golf.

10. What would you say to someone that is skeptical of a lesson can improve their game?

Give me a shot - you have nothing to lose and you will be on your way to playing golf and having fun. Golf is the only game I know where people will spend thousands of dollars on equipment but yet refuse to take a simple lesson to start out on the right foot. Statistics show that 80% of the golfing public never improve their golf game and that's a very disturbing fact.

Golf is not difficult or the impossible dream if you approach it from a basic understanding of the golf swing and sound fundamentals. Almost every profession requires schooling. Why shouldn't a player take a lesson to invest into enjoying the game of golf. I start with one club, teach proper techniques and by using the T-Golf® system you will be on your way to enjoying and playing a better game of golf.

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