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The Comic Depot

Since 2004, the Comic Depot in Wilton Mall has been a comic and gaming enthusiast's dream. Looking for Magic or YuGiOh Tournaments? Comic Depot has that too. Here at we wanted to know a little more about the people behind the scenes at Comic Depot. Owners Darren and Kristi Carrara answered a few of our questions regarding exactly that.

1. What inspired you to open a comic store? How did the business get started?

My 12th year of business started on July 1.

2. What is the hardest thing about the job? What is the most enjoyable?

This town is amazing. I love every part of it.

3. Are there any stories you can share that are funny or unusual about owning a comic store?

You name it! We have lots of homemade candy and nostalgic items too.

4. Have you ever drawn your own comics?

We sell horse apples, chocolate covered potato chips, spring water taffy, and chocolate horses

5. How do you feel about all of the films that are coming out depicting all the DC comics? Are they portraying them well?

Licorice, any kind!

6. If you could be any character from a comic who would it be and why?

We have a real hometown feel. Our customers are locals mostly and then we have the great tourists that come back to visit every year.

7. What is one of the coolest things about The Comic Depot?

We will be selling lots of fun baskets, tins and specialized candy.

8. Is there any history about comic books that you could share with us? Like, Why are they called "comic" books?

Timing and patience.

9. Are there any new series coming out that you are excited about and want people to look for?

Meeting new people.

10. You and your wife own and run the store together, were comics one of the things that brought you together?

Come in and visit, we have lots of fun items and no one ever goes away grumpy!