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Fresh and Co. "Pay It Forward"

In these tough economic times, it is refreshing to see local Saratoga businesses giving back to their community. Many people could use a day of pampering these days. This is where Fresh & Co. comes in...

Fresh and Co.

...About a year ago, Blake Budnik, one of the owners of Fresh & Co., was going about a normal day at the salon, when one encounter prompted her to rethink what it meant to "have it tough."

fresh and co

A woman had come into her salon. She was very reserved and quiet during her appointment. But something happened.

After noticing a picture on the wall that reminded her of her son, she began to cry. Blake was a bit taken back by this - Come to find out this woman's 8 year-old son had just been diagnosed with cancer.

This woman's bad news reminded Blake that what she was complaining about that day was nothing compared to what this woman was dealing with.

Blake has always been an active community supporter, lending a hand whenever she can. Yet after that day, she started noticing that she could be lending more of a helping hand. She noticed that some local families were lacking necessary needs to live their everyday life.

She found herself tuning into more stories about adults that lost their jobs due to the economic shakeup and how some of these people just need new-foundconfidence to take their job hunting to the next level and pick themselves back up again.

Less fortune is around us more and more especially with the economy the way it is. People are struggling, and Fresh & Co. would love to reach out and make a difference to someone, or an entire family.

Fresh and Co. SpaNow more than ever it is important to lend a hand to fellow members of your community. Fresh & Co. has decided to "Pay It Forward." They want to work with an individual or a family who really deserve a day of pampering to make them feel confident, fresh and rejuvenated during their tough times - and maybe forget abouttheir troubles for a day.

The complete day of "Pay It Forward" pampering will include: a manicure, pedicure, hair color & cut and facial - the whole nine yards.

Do you or someone you know deserve a day of pampering? Let us know! Enter the Fresh & Co. "Pay it Forward" Giveaway! All you have to do is fill out the form and tell us why this would mean something to that special someone.

The person or family that is the most deserving will win the complete day of pampering at Fresh & Co. in Saratoga Springs.

The giveaway will run from February 11th - March 12th, the winner will be selected on March 15, 2010.

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