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Saratoga Paint and Sip

paint and sits down for a 10 Questions interview with Catherine Hover, founder and owner of Saratoga Paint and Sip. This unique Saratoga Springs business promises to be the newest it spot for a night out. Here, we take a more intimate look at the business and the woman behind it.

1. What exactly is Saratoga Paint and Sip?

It's an alternative night out for just about anyone, and a great place for a date night, ladies night out, birthday party and so much more. A local artist will walk you through a featured painting while enjoying a glass of wine or beer. At the end of the night, you'll take home your very own masterpiece and a newfound talent!

2. What made you choose to open the studio in Saratoga Springs?

I am originally from New Orleans and moved to the area with my husband for his career. When I drove into town last April, I was a bit shocked that there wasn't already a paint and sip studio here. I jumped on the opportunity to bring a new and innovative night on the town to such a bustling city. Saratoga Paint and Sip fits right in to the town's rich cultural and art-friendly scene.

3. Can someone with no artistic experience try out Saratoga Paint and Sip?

This is no ordinary art class and by no means, is experience necessary! We strive to empower individuals who don't think they're capable of creating something wonderful. We guarantee you'll be quite impressed with your end result regardless of your experience.

4. What sort of events can we look forward to at Saratoga Paint and Sip?

We are in the midst of planning our grand opening event on June 16th and we can't wait to get involved with local charities for several fundraisers throughout the year. Next month we're painting 'A New York Starry Night' and in July we'll feature several local paintings such as 'Spit and Spat' and 'A Broadway Stroll.' Events are updated daily and you can reserve your seat on our website or call the studio at 518-584-8244.

5. Are there kid friendly activities?

Tune in to our Facebook page for notices of our Pint Size Picasso Nights for the little ones ages 7-12. They will be held on either Friday or Saturday nights from 6-8pm. Oh yeah, NO GROWNUPS ALLOWED! We will also host 'Mom and Me' events and Family Funday Sundays!

6. Should we dress for a party or for painting?

You should dress for a paint party! We do provide aprons, but let's face it...SPLATTER happens and acrylic paint doesn't come out once it dries!

7. Are you an artist yourself? What inspires you to paint?

At Saratoga Paint and Sip, everyone is an artist but I wouldn't consider myself one outside of the studio. I did manage to come up with a few paintings featured on our calendar with the help of the 3 local artists we brought on board to do the paint instruction! A lot of our paintings are inspired by the Capital Region including 'Adirondack Sunset' and 'Spring Tulips.'

8. What's your favorite beverage to sip while you paint?

That's a toughie, but if I had to go with one it would be our Davidson Brothers' IPA on tap. I haven't made it up to their brewery yet, but it is definitely on my bucket list!

9. Aside from painting, what else do you love to do in Saratoga?

That's easy: SHOPPING! Saratoga Springs has some of the best shops I've ever been to! On occasion, my husband gets me out for a hike, but I have to be honest, it's definitely not my forte.

10. Finish this sentence, "Saratoga is..."

A town that somehow slipped underneath the radar my entire life…. Looking back a year ago I find it hard to believe that I had no idea how much Saratoga Springs was a place like no other to live life.

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