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A Different Kind Of Philly In Town

Philly Cheese Steak

Liberty Bell Cheese Steaks are melt in your mouth delicious and taste just like the classics in Philadelphia. Whether you are enjoying them "Wit" or "Wit-out" fried onions, or "Whiz", this cheese steak shop is the real deal. And it should be. The Owners Nate and Vaughn are both from Philadelphia!

After hearing about this new eatery, I had to try it out. I ordered a classic: Whiz, Wit (with Cheese Whiz and Fried Onions). The staff was extremely friendly and as I waited for my order to be ready, I noticed how clean the restaurant was. The cheese steak was excellent - the best way I can describe it is to quote the movie title: "Gone in 60 Seconds"!

After a late night out at the Saratoga pubs and clubs, or when you need a bite to eat for lunch or dinner, keep Liberty Bell Cheese Steaks in mind.

Location: Henry St. in downtown Saratoga Springs. It is on a side street across from the Parting Glass near Scallions, Virgil's House and Tiz Now Restaurant. Delivery is also available.

Pricing: Cheese steaks range from $7-$10