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Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network

Encouraging Healthy Living & A Clean Environment

Saratoga Healthy Transportation NetworkThe Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network is a community based organization dedicated to improving personal health and a cleaner environment in Saratoga through the use of non-motorized travel. Since 2005 the group has been encouraging and promoting a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly environment in and around Saratoga Springs.

SHTN actively promotes support for connecting neighborhoods, schools and workplaces through a safe and easily accessible network of bike paths and lanes. The benefits of cycling extend far beyond the environmental, and include:

  • Personal health benefits
  • A more relaxed and comfortable downtown environment
  • Financial savings realized through less daily dependence upon a car or SUV

SHTN encourages the development of pedestrian and bicycle-friendly business partnerships with local Saratoga businesses. As a member, individuals can take advantage of discounts from participating retail establishments for everything from food to flowers.

Through coordinating and sponsoring various events throughout the year, the SHTN encourages participation in healthy transportation practices and spur support of local businesses at the same time. They have teamed up with other local groups to organize a Bicycle Give-Away, bike to work day, the Annual Scavenger Hunt, and the and the Annual Saratoga Derby.

Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network has launched a bike tourism website called At this site there is information for residents and visitors listing bike routes, events and resources.

In the interests of promoting both safety and a positive experience, the website includes suggestions and information on the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. The Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network suggests several ways individuals can help keep our environment green and ourselves healthy:

  • Walk or cycle to work
  • Learn and follow the rules of the road
  • Attend the SHTN group meetings and events
  • Attend City council and planning meetings to share your voice
  • Support the businesses who participate in the Bicycle Benefits Program
  • Educate the public about the rights and responsibilities of those who share the road

If you are interested in joining SHTN or would like more information, meetings are held tthe second Tuesday of every month from 7:00-8:30 pm at the first-floor conference room at 110 Spring Street. You may email them at