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Friends and Families Muscular Disorders Foundation

Friends and Families Muscular Disorders Foundation Inc. is a non for profit organization dedicated to supporting those in the area with muscular disorders. They strive to funds and awareness through unique charitable events and activities.

Our Mission:

To grant and award money to medical and educational intuitions for new programs to help individuals and other groups who may need a helping hand covering medical expenses not covered by insurance through out New York State. Funding for a pair of leg braces and even help with fixing a wheelchair- that all cost money. Many families have trouble affording these essential items because of the mounting cost associated with these diseases.

Adult Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Charcot Marie-Tooth Disease
Cerebral Palsy
Diseases of Peripheral Nerve
Giant Axonal Neuropathy
Heritarity Neuropathy
Inclusion Body Myositis
Mitochondrial Myopathies
Motor Neuron Diseases
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophies
Myasthenia Gravis
Myotonia Congenita
Neuromuscular Junction Diseases
Parkinson's Disease
and other Muscular and Neuropathies disorders

But they need your help! Throughout the year, Come Together For Kaitlin holds small fundraisers, and one large benefit each year at the end of August at Eagles Club in Saratoga. Get details on the annual Come Together For Kaitlin benefit here, and check our events calendar for upcoming fundraisers. The funds are used toward clinical research and equipment needs. Donations and wrist band purchases can also be made online.

To learn more about Kaitlin's story or to make a donation, visit