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Saratoga Springboard

Enthusiastically Supporting Local Non-Profit Organizations

saratoga springboard logoSaratoga Springboard is a group of professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Saratoga area by enthusiastically supporting local non-profit organizations.

Through fundraising events, community outreach, and volunteer coordination, Saratoga Springboard fills a variety of needs for the organizations it serves, while contributing to Saratoga's distinctiveness as a culturally rich, dynamic community. Need Volunteers? Reach out to Saratoga Springboard!

Saratoga Springboard is a self-described "non-profit SWAT team" which brings together a variety of professionals who are enthusiastically dedicated to supporting local non-profit organizations. Betsy Boland and Alysa Arnold lead Saratoga Springboard; Ms. Boland and Ms. Arnold are area natives who have translated their extensive non-profit experience into a thriving support network for the area. Saratoga Springboard was motivated after the founders attended Leadership Saratoga in 2009.

Inspired by the idea of a SWAT team, volunteers provide a nimble, efficient, and very effective response to partner organizations. Members work in a variety of fields including: marketing, public relations, fundraising, economic development, writing, graphic design, event management, law, public policy, and birth and postpartum support services.

Non-profit organizations in Saratoga County are invited to apply to partner with Saratoga Springboard on a proposed project that can be completed in no more than one calendar year. Annually, Springboard members select an applying organization to work with based on the impact the partnership would have on the community and several other factors. Saratoga Springboard works with partner organizations to develop original and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by the partner organization, thereby strengthening the community, economy and dynamic area.

Saratoga Springboard
P.O. Box 736
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866