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Stop CMV- The Action Network

Stop CMV- The Action Network Working to Raise Awareness of Congenital CMV in the Saratoga Area

Stop CMV- The CMV Action Network, is the largest all-volunteer organization in the World, that is dedicated to preventing congenital CMV as well as improving the lives of those that are affected by CMV.

CMV stands for cytomegalovirus, a virus that affects 1 in every 150 children born. To be born with CMV is to be put at risk for deafness, blindness, cerebral palsy, developmental disorders, and a whole host of other afflictions. Only 14% of women have heard of CMV, but it impacts more children than Down-syndrome and other much more well known infections.

Starting in 2010, a local mother of a child with CMV has brought Stop CMV to the Saratoga Area. Through her leadership, the community has embraced the challenge of raising money and awareness for this excellent cause. Neighbors have generously donated their time and talent to support Stop CMV.

Children have been very involved in helping this organization as well. Through selling lemonade in the summer, and cookies during the holiday season, car washes, can collections, youngsters have aided Stop CMV, and thus aided children who could just as easily be their sibling with CMV. Perhaps most importantly the local children have completed school projects about CMV, telling classmates about the virus and how they can prevent the spread of it.

As part of their mission to raise awareness about CMV, the nonprofit holds many events throughout the year. The annual Together We Can! Stop CMV fundraiser is held every September and features live music, a silent auction, and much more. Throughout the year, look for events held by the caring community, such as a summer carnival in Ballston Spa.

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