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Pet Photo Gallery

Welcome to our gallery of pet portaits! has a lot of pet loving friends and we love receiving pet photos to share. If you have a favorite photo of your pet you would like to share, Become a fan of on Facebook, submit your pet's photo & check back to see if yours was chosen for our Pet Photo Gallery!

brown dog wrapped in a green blanket
Jill Morse's Otis
white dog with two stuffed bears
Great shot from Vicki Haskings White
black dog in a boat on lake george
Ashley LaVoy's Griffin
cat with bright blue eyes
Danielle Lagano's Miss Milly
dog sleeping on the floor
Maura Bannon's Rocky
black dog on a brown leather couch
Nina Lant's Jo Jo
dog laying half in and half out of its bed
cat curled up on a fuzzy blanket
Amberly Rundell's Yeowzers
brown dog on a woman's lap
Maura Manny's Murphy

dog going down a slide
Gus & Deb Castellucci's Wooley The Wonder Dog

close-up of a black lab
Kim Fillion's Jojo

striped cat
Karen Cyr's Durango

woman talking to a brown horse
Karen Cyr's Casanova

two dogs under a christmas tree
Cris Dicprio's Emma & Theo

two black labs snuggling
Ashley LaVoy's Griffin And His Girlfriend Ekko

close-up of a fuzzy white dog
Deb Castellucci's Wooley

two kittens snuggling on a blanket
Lora Ragazzo's Jerry and Mable

white dog on a red couch
Rebecca Kreski: "We used to live in Saratoga, but moved to Denver about 6 years ago... We were so home sick that we named our dog Saratoga (Toga for short)... This is her napping."