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Popular Saratoga Photos From 2016

Our Facebook fans submitted many captivating and beautiful photos this year! Here are 10 of our favorite pictures taken in Saratoga Springs from 2016:

Winter in Saratoga

snow in saratoga
Posted: 1/6/2016

Photo by Gail Stein

Saratoga Spa State Park

spa state park entrance
Posted: 2/29/2016

Photo by Scott Rougia

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

saratoga performing arts center walkway
Posted: 3/2/2016

Photo by Scott Rougia

Ducks Crossing the Road

ducks crossing the road
Posted: 3/10/2016

Photo by Gail Stein

Bike in Saratoga

old bike in saratoga
Posted: 4/14/2016

Photo provided

Saratoga Sidewalk

people on a sidewalk in saratoga
Posted: 5/12/2016

Photo by ©2016

Saratoga Lake

sunrise over saratoga lake
Posted: 6/4/2016

Photo by Gail Stein

Budweiser Clydesdales

two budweiser clydesdales
Posted: 8/16/2016

Photo provided


Yaddo Gardens

yaddo gardens
Posted: 9/8/2016

Photo by ©2016

Welcome to Saratoga Springs Statue

saratoga statue
Posted: 12/13/2016

Photo by Gail Stein

If you want your pictures to be featured in the 2017 gallery, be sure to share them with us on Facebook!

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