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Find Unique, Rustic Gifts for Your Home at the Big Moose General Store in Saratoga's Wilton Mall

If you're on the hunt for unique items and gifts you can't find anywhere else, we've got the one-stop shop for you. Big Moose General Store has opened a second location in Saratoga Springs, and this is not your average gift shop or general store.

Here you will find rustic gifts for the home, Adirondack-themed gifts, and unique gifts for friends. Every single item is hand selected by the owners to ensure it's of the highest quality. See what makes their products so special and why you'll want to stop here when you're looking for an exceptional gift item - or just a little something for yourself.

Home Decor & Gifts With a Rustic, Adirondack Touch

the inside of the general store

You'll know you're in a different kind of store the moment you step inside Big Moose General Store. The spacious store is filled to the brim with unique items like hand painted towels and signs with sayings like, "Grandma's Babysitting Service: Anytime, Anywhere" or "Life Needs More Beer & Barbeque." You'll also discover well crafted pillows with Adirondack-themed images of black bears, moose, and log cabins.

Many of the items are purchased from local or regional craftspeople - all the merchandise is selected for its craftsmanship and quality.

split image with shotglasses and things on shelves on the left and colorful socks on the right

Although many of the items are rustic and channel the Adirondacks, you can find a variety of other high quality items as well, such as expertly made socks in all different colors and designs.

From Country Candles to Big Moose Pantry Items: All Products are Chosen With Care

split image with candles on the left and pantry items on the right

You never know what unique gifts for friends and others you might find at the Big Moose General Store, since the owners are always on the hunt for new and exciting items, but here are a couple of constants to count on: candles from Our Own Candle Company and Big Moose brand pantry items.

The folks behind Our Own Candle Company candles have perfected the art of candle-making. These candles have a pleasing scent that fills a room, leave no wax build up, and they last a long time - these are not the overpriced candles you sometimes come across, or super cheap candles that might last a day. They put out new scents every year, including seasonal scents, and they're perfect as gifts or as a fragrant addition to a rustic country theme in a home.

In addition, the Big Moose General Store has their own house brand of Big Moose pantry items with high quality sauces, jams, jellies, pickles, and more. Grab a few to put in a gift basket for the foodie in your life, and take one home for yourself.

split image with vintage ceramic Christmas trees on the left and a snowman next to a Christmas pillow on the right

Looking for holiday decorations? Check out coveted holiday decor, like those vintage ceramic Christmas trees, along with tons of snowmen decor, stockings, ornaments, and more fun hand painted signs with sayings like “Reindeer Crossing.”

See for Yourself What You've Been Missing

Ready to see what Adirondack gifts and rustic home items you can uncover yourself? The Big Moose General Store is in Wilton Mall and they're open during regular mall hours.

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