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Golf Etiquette Tips

Golf CourseFor most players, golf etiquette is as essential to the game as the game itself. It reflects how the players in your group perceive you and ensures the game is relaxing and enjoyable.

Before heading to one of the many Saratoga golf courses, and whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro looking to freshen up, read our etiquette tips and have fun!

More Golf Etiquette:

Safety First
Be Prepared
Top No-No's

Keep The Golf Course "Up To Par"

  • Keep your golf cart off the grass as much as possible.
  • Always keep the carts off the greens and away from the hazards.
  • Rake the sand traps after hitting.
  • Repair divots so the turf can grow again as quickly as possible. Pick the divot up and put it back in place in the same direction it came out and tap it firmly down. (Some courses have specific rules for repairing divots as well.)
  • Repair ball marks on the green.
  • Clean the teeing ground of all your broken tees.
  • If your golf ball goes in the water and you are looking for a point of entry, make sure to be careful of the surroundings around you. Some courses have environmentally sensitive areas, so be conscious of not disturbing the waters edge.

Top No-No's

  1. NEVER talk when someone is swinging.
  2. NEVER move around when someone is swinging. Remain as still as possible so you aren't a distraction
  3. NEVER yell or shout on the golf course even if it doesn't bother your group.
  4. NEVER walk thru a playing line.
  5. NEVER cast a shadow across another player's putting line.
  6. NEVER remove the flag stick until all golfers hit their balls onto the green. It is preferable to put the flag stick on the fringe.

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