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Golf Etiquette Tips

GolfersCome to Saratoga Springs and Upstate NY for excellent golfing opportunities! Choose to play at a championship, award-winning 18 hole course, or tee it up at a fun Par 3.

No matter what Saratoga golfing you are interested in, it is important to remember the unwritten rules of golf etiquette.

More Golf Etiquette:

Be Prepared
Be Nice to the Course
Top No-No's

Safety First

  • When arriving to a teeing ground, keep the golf cart on the cart path.
  • When you are practicing, don't swing in the direction of another player in your group. Twigs and other ground covering could be in the way and there is potential to hit someone.
  • Never swing the golf club until you know everyone in your party is at a safe enough distance away from you.
  • If you are not the one swinging, keep your distance to clear the way of trouble. Stand where the player can see you so they know you are out of harms way.
  • Check your surroundings. Don't swing the golf club until you know the party in front of you is out of range of the ball.
  • "Fore!" If the ball is headed towards a person or group, yell this out so they are aware of the impending ball.
  • Don't drive the golf cart recklessly. Make sure everyone is in the cart before you start driving.
  • Don't make sharp turns that could damage the course grass or cause danger to your passengers.
  • Don't throw your golf clubs. (It could be dangerous and no one looks mature throwing a tantrum.)

Be Prepared

  • Make sure you are prepared for your next shot. Have your club picked out and ready to go!
  • Whoever is farthest away from the tee hits first. If it is not in a tournament, most people do "ready play" - whoever is ready first, hits first. (Decide which angle of play you are going to do before beginning the first hole.)
  • Don't waste too much time looking for lost golf balls. You are allowed 5 minutes, but if you do go for the full time allotted, and there is a group behind you, wave them through.
  • When walking from the golf cart to the ball, be prepared with the clubs you are bringing to avoid going back and forth.
  • Don't dawdle. Once you are finished with the hole, leave the putting green as soon as possible. Try to keep the pace with the group in front of you.
  • Each member of the foursome should walk directly to his or her ball instead of as a pack so everyone is ready to hit.
  • If you are hitting mulligan's, try to hit only one per nine holes. If someone is waiting behind you, don't hit the mulligan's.
  • Think of your upcoming shot on your way to the ball. (Things to consider: club, wind conditions and target.)

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