Pokemon Go Trainer's Guide for Saratoga Springs

pokemon go map in saratogaBefore Pokemon Go, if you took a walk down Broadway in Saratoga Springs, you'd see a lot of shops, restaurants, and people. Now, there is an almost overwhelming number of Pokemon, Pokestops, and Gyms all around the area.

To make your next Saratoga Pokemon Go trip easier, we've walked around and recorded the locations of the area's Pokemon hotspots. Whether you want to collect items down Broadway, catch Pokemon in Congress Park, or take on a new Raid Boss, our Pokemon Go Trainer's Guide can help!

Note: If you notice any recent updates to Saratoga's Pokestops or Gyms, !

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Saratoga Springs Gyms

Saratoga Gyms Near Broadway

1. The Olde Bryan Inn - If you eat at the Olde Bryan Inn, you'll be able to take on all challengers at the site's Gym!

2. Jazz Mural - Outside the Parting Glass is a Gym at the Jazz Mural. You can eat, enjoy a drink, and defend the Gym.

3. Yaddo Fountain - While you explore Yaddo's fantastic gardens, see if you are strong enough to challenge the Gym at the fountain.

4. Dublin - Close to Beekman Street is a Gym located at the Dublin sign.

5. Grace Fellowship Church - Saratoga - This Gym is located on High Rock Avenue at the church.

6. Jazz Horse - At the intersection of Broadway and Church Street is a Gym right at the Jazz Horse statue.

City Pokestopspokemon go gym

1. En Fointe Fife Statue - If you're eating at Forno Bistro, you'll be able to get this Pokestop at the north end of Broadway.

2. US Post Office, Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY - If you have a room at the Saratoga Arms on Broadway, then the Pokestop at the Saratoga Post Office is right next door.

3. Church of Saint Peter (x2) - Walk toward Broadway from the Holiday Inn at Saratoga Springs and you might be able to get items from the two Pokestops at the Church of Saint Peter.

4. Saratoga Springs Fire Department - Head down Short Alley from the Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio and you'll find a Pokestop at the Saratoga Springs Fire Department.

5. Starry Night Horse - Stay at the Courtyard by Marriott at Saratoga Springs, located on Excelsior Avenue, and you'll get items from the Pokestop at the Starry Night Horse statue.

6. Remembrance - The Inn at Saratoga is by a Pokestop at the Remembrance horse statue.

7. The Mouzon House - Pick up some free items at the Mouzon House restaurant Pokestop while you eat out.

8. All Flavors Horse - At the north end of Broadway is a Pokestop near local real estate office Roohan Realty, which is across the street from the popular Saratoga City Center.

9. Farmers' Market - While you shop for fresh produce at the Saratoga Farmers' Market in High Rock Park, get some free items from the Pokestop.

10. Rooster Statue - Down Lena Lane, which is near Caffe Lena, is a Pokestop at the Rooster Statue.

11. New York State County Highway Sign - Near the intersection of Broadway and Gardner Lane, you can get items from the New York State County Highway Sign. It's directly across Broadway from The Wine Bar and the Saratoga Downtowner.

12. Marry Me! Sculpture - This Pokestop is also located at the intersection of Broadway and Gardner Lane.

13. To Honor Our Men and Women Plaque - Collect items from the plaque located at the intersection of Broadway and Caroline Street. You can spin the Pokestop picture while shopping at Northshire Bookstore or Lifestyles of Saratoga.

14. Woodland Spirits - Get an early meal at the Country Corner Cafe on Church Street and receive free items from the Woodland Spirits statue Pokestop.

15. The Waltz of Flowers - Don't miss this Pokestop on Broadway! It's across the street from Impressions of Saratoga.

16. Lilly Tiptoes Through Toga - Close to Impressions of Saratoga, but across Phila Street, is a Pokestop at the Lilly Tiptoes statue.

17. Saratoga County Law Library - If you're out shopping near Saratoga Olive Oil on Broadway, don't miss the Pokestop at the large building known as the Saratoga County Law Library.

18. Dorothy Statue - Outside the Saratoga Springs Public Library is a Pokestop at the Dorothy Statue.

19. Children's Museum at Saratoga - The Children's Museum at Saratoga, located down Caroline Street, is actually marked as a Pokestop!

20. Saratoga Race Horse - The Saratoga Race Horse statue Pokestop is just outside the Community Court Motel.

21. BoA Sculpture (Bank of America) - If you're making your way toward Chianti Il Ristorante on Division Street, you'll likely be close enough to snag items from the Bank of America sculpture Pokestop.

Bonus Pokestops

  1. Saratoga Assembly of God (Saratoga City Church)
  2. World Trade Center Tower 2 Steel
  3. D'Andreas Pizza Mural
  4. Fresh for All Seasons Statue
  5. Standard Time Sculpture
  6. The Salvation Army: Blood and Fire
  7. First Baptist Church
  8. Bethesda Episcopal Church
  9. Saratoga Springs Historian
  10. The Arts Center
  11. Empire State College State University of New York
  12. Skidmore Apartments Horse
  13. Mary L Sackett Cemetery Gate
  14. Christian Science Church
  15. New York State Military Museum
  16. High Rock Wishing Well Fountain
  17. High Rock Springs
  18. Tempered by Memory
  19. High Rock Historical Spring
  20. Hathorn Spring
  21. The Fruits of Knowledge Mural
  22. Ballet on Broadway
  23. Sage of Saratoga Sign
  24. The Van Raalte Company Lions
  25. Old Red Spring History Marker
  26. Hatsational
  27. Bronze Horse

Congress Park Tourpokemon raid boss

Congress Park is a major hotspot for Pokemon Go, and there are multiple Pokestops and Gyms within the park and along the outskirts. The next time you're in Saratoga, take a walk through the park, relax for a bit, and check out all of the interesting landmarks as you play Pokemon Go.


  1. A Fountain
  2. The Triton Pool


  1. Memorial to Katrina Trask
  2. Congress Park Birdhouse
  3. Fallen Tree Fountain
  4. Congress Park Chess Boards
  5. Lighthouse Birdhouse
  6. Awesome Bird House
  7. Duck Riding Baby Fountain
  8. The Twins - Night and Day
  9. World War Memorial Pavilion
  10. United States Military Memorial
  11. Congress Park Carousel
  12. Fish Crown Fountain
  13. Historic Congress Park Sign
  14. City of Saratoga Springs Plaque
  15. Columbian Spring
  16. Around West Circular Street to Circular
  17. Batchellor Mansion Inn
  18. Ballerina Slipper
  19. Devil's Armchair
  20. Terry Lindsey Equidae Gallery
  21. Congress Park Centre
  22. The Spirit of Life

Off to the Racespokestop red spring

If you find yourself spending the day at Saratoga Race Course rather than Downtown Saratoga Springs, don't worry, because you can still play Pokemon Go in between watching the races. Right near the Race Course, there is a Gym and four Pokestops, which means you'll be able to catch some Pokemon too!


  1. National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame


  1. 8th Pole Statue at Saratoga Racing Museum
  2. Saratoga Spa and Good Luck Fountain (Big Red Spring)
  3. Historic Saratoga Race Course Sign
  4. Coach Stepping Stone

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