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A Romantic Dinner At Home!

couple holding a box of heart shaped chocolatesValentine's Day is a day that most of us would love to shower our sweethearts with gifts. The budget may not allow for lavish gifts, but a gift doesn't have to be expensive to be meaningfull. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts. Be creative and plan a romantic Valentine's Day at home!

When it comes to exchanging gifts, I would recommend discussing that with your significant other ahead of time. Being on the same page is the key to a successful Valentine's Day! Whatever you decide to do, don't forget the card! You can make or buy a card for very little cost. This is not a corner you want to cut. Trust me.

Planning a romantic dinner at home can be fun! Choose a simple menu of some of your Valentine's favorite foods. Take some time to set the table with candles, single flowers & break out the good dishes. A nice bottle of wine doesn't have to be expensive. Buy something you know you both like and can enjoy together. The main thing is to keep it simple. The evening is for you too. Don't stress yourself out before it even gets started!

If you have kids, see if you can make arrangements for them to spend the evening with friends or relatives. Dropping them off a bit early will leave you time to put the final touches on dinner & décor and to pamper yourself and get dressed to the nines for your date. You want to be relaxed when your Valentine shows up. It'll set the tone for a great evening!

As long as you put your heart into it, you can have a wonderful evening at home. I personally prefer to stay home for Valentine's Day. To me, the day is all about spending quality time with the one I love.

table set for a romantic dinner with roses and champagne

Romantic Meal Inspiration:

There are no rules when it comes to making a romantic dinner for 2. Think of foods that you both love. Think of your favorite meals you've had together. Making something that reminds you both of wonderful times spent together will have you sharing great memories while creating new ones.

Here is an example of what I may make for a romantic dinner with my significant other.

  • Appetizer: Oysters on the half shell because they remind us of a place in New Orleans that we go every time we're there. There are always great stories of our travels that come up when we have oysters.
  • Dinner: Leg of lamb with roasted potatoes & asparagus because we had that at our wedding dinner. Lots of great memories and stories of that day to talk about!
  • Wine: Coppolla Claret because we went to that vineyard on our way to Lake Tahoe to get married. We bought a case of that wine to share with our friends. We had a great time sipping wine on the beach in Lake Tahoe with our dearest friends & family who flew all that way to share our day with us.
  • Dessert: Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting because that was our wedding cake and it was SO good!

That would be a winning Valentine's dinner at my house! When planning your menu just think about all the good times you've had with your Valentine and what dishes would spark special memories for you both. It's that simple and it works! Whether you have been together for years or you've just started dating, this recipe for a romantic meal should make it easier for you to plan.

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