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Betty Spinelli Leading Discussion on The Fascinating Life of Katrina Trask at SPAC

Do you know the origin behind the beautiful Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga? You can find out on October 26th, when Betty Spinelli leads a discussion on the intriguing woman behind the breathtaking 400-acre estate where artists and the public find peace and tranquility time and again.

Yaddo Gardens

Betty Spinelli’s Discussion on The Fascinating Life of Katrina Trask

Betty Spinelli, known as a “literary dramatist,” will bring Katrina Trask, founder of the Yaddo Gardens, to life on Thursday, October 26th at the Hall of Springs. The talk will be the highlight of SPAC’s annual Fall Lecture Luncheon.

With her passion for storytelling and in-depth knowledge of local historical figures, Spinelli is a clear choice to give this talk. She has been a sought-after speaker for nonprofit groups and other organizations in the area for years.

“We are excited to welcome Betty Spinelli to share her insights about the fascinating Katrina Trask, a real trailblazer for Saratoga Springs after the turn of the 20th century,” Elizabeth Sobol, President & CEO of SPAC, said in a statement. “As we celebrate her life and many contributions to this region, Ms. Spinelli’s presentation will also offer audiences an extraordinary look into Katrina’s personal life beyond the public eye.”

Tickets are $85 and are on sale now at SPAC.org. Admission includes a continental breakfast, the lecture, the Hall of Springs luncheon, and a mini-boutique shopping event with close to 20 local shops and boutiques.

About Katrina Trask & The Yaddo Gardens

Katrina Trask was an author and philanthropist during the late 1800s and early 1900s. She lived with her husband, Spencer Trask, in Brooklyn but decided to move to Saratoga Springs to get a fresh start after the untimely death of their first child. Spencer purchased the large estate that would later become the Yaddo Gardens.

Unfortunately, the couple had three more children, all of whom passed away. With no heirs, they began to think seriously about what they wanted to do with their estate. Katrina decided she wanted to transform the Yaddo property into a place where artists could gather from all over the world to find inspiration and have a picturesque, uninterrupted place to work.

Her vision was realized and carried forth throughout the decades that followed. Many famous artists have visited the Yaddo Gardens over the years, including Sylvia Plath and Langston Hughes.

You can hear all about the riveting life of Katrina Trask – beyond what the public has access to – at this lively discussion from Betty Spinelli.

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