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Camp Saratoga

Nature Trails with Groomed Crosscountry Skiing in the Winter
  • Town of Wilton
  • Size: 310 acres with five miles of trails
  • Scenery: Forested
  • Terrain: Forested and field floor. Some sand.

Trip Tip: Try to spot the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly
Camp Saratoga was operated as a Boy Scout camp from 1930 to 2001, and then it became part of the Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park. The preserve is 310 acres and located only 8 miles from downtown. This park encompasses a variety of ecosystems including woodlands, wetlands, open areas and streams. This habitat supports the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly. There are trail maps and environmental information available at the trailhead parking area.

For more trail details and activity schedule check out Wilton Wildlife Preserve.

Directions: SCOUT ROAD

Follow Route 50 north through the Wilton shopping area for 6 miles. Turn left onto Edie Road, proceed 1.5 miles and turn right onto Scout Road. The parking area and trailheads are 0.7 miles on the left.

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There is a lot of great information about this area on the Wilton Wildlife Perserve and Park Website ( There you'll see a couple of other, lesser known access points to these trails. The Opdahl can be access on Ballard Rd., the parking lot for the Nielman Parcel is located on Ruggles Rd., just south of King Rd., and the Old Gick and Fox parcels can be accessed from parking lots on Rt. 50, about .5 miles past King Rd. Adding all of the trails on these other parcels provides a lot more hiking oportunities. Check out their website for great trail maps and to find out when they're holding the anual moonlight ski and snowshoe event.

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