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The following is an excerpt from one of my current articles.

It's Flu season again and that means shots! Lots and lots of shots, approximately 180 million will be made at a cost of 3.69 billion, a lot of shots, a lot of waste. 80 million shots were thrown out last year. That's 1.6 billion in waste. Why? Well when you search the research, 2010 was also one of the highest refusal rates on record. 70% of people refused the flu shot last year! Surprisingly last year was one of the best flu seasons on record, with the lowest rate of flu deaths in years. This statistic alone has raised many eyebrows in the scientific field. One question is "should we look deeper into vaccination and its efficacy?"
Here some facts you'll find when investigating this question.
• There is no single virus that causes the flu. Influenza is a group of symptoms used to describe an illness that is caused by many viruses.
• Viruses constantly change or mutate everyday to survive detection and destruction by immune cells. This makes it almost impossible for the CDC to guess the right virus strain because it may not exist yet.
• In a single Year, the CDC identified 863 DIFFERENT influenza viruses.
• The flu shot is trivalent and contains only three attenuated viruses.
• The latest statistic from the National Institute of Health states "Giving young children flu shots appeared to have no impact on flu related doctor visits or hospitalizations"

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