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coffee table sid view
A little leftover red paint, and stray picnic tablecloth weight...who says the little things don't make a big impact when you are refreshing your porch design??

Looking for a few 1-2 hour projects to tackle this weekend to create a custom look for your outdoor space?  Check out the ideas below for fab ways to jumpstart your outdoor look as we finally spring into Spring!

...can even the most type A of us make lemonade??

after without mirror
I'm in love with the results of our fireplace makeover...but it sure took a lot of compromise and rethinking to get there!

You know that phrase about your best-laid plans going awry?  Here we begin one such tale...let's hope it has a happy ending!!

Have furniture most might think is a lost cause?  Use your own sweat equity, a few choice materials, and reliable local resources to turn your eyesore into a room's main attraction!

upholster chair closeup (272x380).jpg

milk crate2 (284x380).jpg

Sometimes going a little more old than new during the holiday season is a perfect fit for your historical home...

Sure, the food and company are important, but...let's make it look pretty, too!

thanx napkins 2 (290x380).jpg

love nj pumpkin.jpg

What would ever persuade you to host a party in a week for over 100 guests?  Good friends and a great cause...and here's how we did it!

Decorating a master bedroom with a sitting area can work to create a more relaxing bedroom. Include your favorite fabrics, colors and textures to add this welcomed comfort to your room.


tan sitting.jpg


Does hosting a kid's Halloween party scare the pants off of you? Here's a few tricks to turn your celebration into a spookily good time for everyone involved!

clubhouse sign.jpg

You have an old, not-so-attractive shed...your kids need a place to hang out...combine the two and everyone wins!


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Kimberlee Billok
From humble beginnings redecorating my childhood bedroom every few months much to my mother’s chagrin, to years of life as a military spouse making short-term stops our own, to finding myself in Saratoga Springs in a 90-year-old home in need of lots of TLC, I have always enjoyed honing my home decorating and design skills in pursuit of making a house a home for the most important people in my world, my husband Mike and our three children. In pursuit of this goal/obsession I have put my undergraduate studio art studies to work, as well as the unofficial HGTV degree I’ve earned under the tutelage of Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder, Candace Olson, and the other pros who make us all feel as if we can create as they do. I’ve had the good fortune to have numerous colleagues, friends and family who have trusted me enough to allow me to design their spaces as well, and even redecorated the office of my children’s elementary school principal, which although intimidating, was quite a good time (think a juxtaposition of animal prints and sharpened pencils…luckily she loved it!).

Outside of the decorating/design realm I inhabit in my free time, I am fortunate to spend my days teaching 3 and 4 year old preschoolers here in Saratoga, who can’t help but inspire me to be creative on a regular basis. So since every part of life is an adventure, please join me on this one…combining form and function, design and real life, making each room feel beautiful, comfortable, classic, and personal. All wrapped up in a structure that has been in existence before the invention of spray paint (it’s true—I looked it up!). Here goes!!