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Summer Camps



3 Kids = 3 different camps..

Ballet, gymnastics and horse back riding.  They may be all girls, but they are all have their own personalities and interests.  Like all good parents we embrace their passions even if that means we turn into a glorified cab service!   

Thank God for our amazing downtown.  I was able to get them outfitted in two stops.

Stop One: Saratoga Dance for all the ballet needs and a new gymnastic leotard and stretch pants.  They are knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful. 

Stop Two: Saratoga Saddlery helped me get my youngest outfitted for the stables and for riding.  They have beginner level boots, cute jodhpurs, and helmets {oh yeah, it's not about the outfit} that will keep her safe{r}.

Off I go....  Duty calls...

Ballet Gala 09.jpgFeature Presentation: NYC Ballet performing Americana, Saturday July 11th at 8:00 {support the arts while having a good time.  It's a win-win}. 

Dress: by Milly at Hunt, Ltd {style name - Summer Gala Dress - how perfect}.

Bling: David Yurman ring at Frank Adams Jewelers, gold leaf earrings at Lucia Boutique {wear your own fireworks}.

Lawn essentials: a ticket, champagne and chairs {cheers!}

Don't leave home without 'em: Flip flops for showing off YOUR dance moves {I'll show you, Peter Martin!} and a wagon {for when you've proved your point}.

Enjoy the Sun!!!  Have a great weekend! 


Gala-Invitation-09.jpgBusy week.  Girls are back home {yipeee - missed them so!}, family visiting {love sharing our town with our loved ones even if it keeps me from blogging!}, working on an exciting project, and it's Gala Week!  The New York City Ballet opened last night {another yippeee!} and The Gala is Saturday.  Thanks to my creative and witty friend, Molly,  she makes the ballet gala stress-free for many of us.  Find a dress {I'm here to help!}, get the nails done, line up the sitter, make an hors d'oeuvres or dessert to share, make sure my significant other is sufficiently suited {in my case - don't forget the cane!} and off we go to what is always a memorable {especially if you keep the cocktails to a minimum} night. If it's your first time experiencing the ballet gala on the great SPAC lawn... Here are some tips from my friend and a gala picnic pro... "Buy performance tickets after confirming forecast.  Bring some rolling device for transport.  Prepare for conditions, high heels get stuck in the mud, bugs bite and glass breaks.  Blankets are nice on the slope to watch the ballet and chairs help ease tired toes".  And a few disclaimers {she is a lawyer}... "Satisfaction Almost Guaranteed.  Not responsible for lost or misplaced items including significant others.  Injuries incurred on the dance floor or elsewhere are due to an act of God and are signs that it may be time to switch drinks or dance floors..."  This is an event that cannot be missed in Saratoga.  It appeals to everyone and you will see everything {best of all - the amazing NYC Ballet}.  Ballet, friends, good food and drink, fireworks, and dancing for the common folks - not just the ballerinas - in 3 different tents.  Grab your picnic blanket, a bottle of champagne, put on that LBD and kick off the summer season SARATOGA STYLE! 


Uncle-Sam.jpgDowntown is the place to be on the 4th.  Lots of activities planned in Congress Park and all around town.  The All-American BBQ and Dessert festival will be going on all through town - stop by the Visitor's Center for ballot information {so American - you can vote for your favorite}.  Rock out to REO Speedwagon, Styx and 38 Special at SPAC or spend it at home with family and friends.  A must for all ages are the Fireworks at Congress Park at dark.  Express your your independence and  celebrate your way!

saratoga-city-tavern.jpgOut on a Monday night!  How strange, how unexpected, how FUN!  The kids are away visiting their NH cousins so my husband and I have some flexibility this week.  We jumped into our week free of parental duties by a enjoying a summer night downtown.  Our first stop on a nice summer evening is the Saratoga City Tavern.  Known for it's 5 floors of diverse musical entertainment - the fifth floor is the place to be in the summer.  The roof top bar over looks the city and is the perfect place to enjoy a beverage as the sun sets.


Our next stop?  The Wine Bar.  We are truly fortunate to have this establishment in our town.  The quality, service and impeccable food rivals any 4 star NYC restaurant.  Having spent a fair time in NYC and our love of travel has allowed us to eat in many fine restaurants.  The Wine Bar's food and wine list delivers the taste and experience you would expect to get in a major metropolitan city.  We sat outside, drank some very good wine {I had a glass of white Italian - my husband a White Burgundy}, I had the scallops {delicious} and my husband had the tenderloin {highly recommend} and enjoyed an evening with the man I love in the city I love! 

Happy Birthday, Peter! 

The Staycation Continues....

{Giveaway Wednesday to return in 2 Weeks!}




n  :  the laterally projecting region of each side of the lower or posterior part of the mammalian trunk formed by the lateral parts of the pelvis and upper part of the femur together with the fleshy parts covering them.

adj  :  very fashionable.

{from the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary}

My very hip husband is having some trouble with his hip.  They may need to replace his joint but they can never take away his fabulousness.  Too much pain and discomfort has caused us to postpone our trip.  We will enjoy the best time of year in Saratoga {even if I have to get him a cane to do so!}.  Lots to do and celebrate  {my old man turns 40 this week}.

The ultimate hip accessory in a horse town?  A leather belt with a huge horse themed buckle.  Find great ones at Saratoga Saddlery on Broadway.  They also carry Lucchese boots, great hats and all your horse needs on and off the saddle.   

Farrah_Fawcett_iconic_pinup_1976.jpgShe was such a P.Y.T.

As troubled as they may have became in life - they left their mark with their talent and style.  No one will ever forget the "Farrah" hair of the 70's or Michael's glove, red leather jacket or moon walk of the 80's.

This week's giveaway winner is....


 "I would love to check out this new store and get a new suit!"


Have a great weekend everyone...  I have the urge to go to Vapor or Mare to dance to some 70's and 80's music!  Anyone else??? 

{Sorry for the late post... need to get used to the summer schedule - or lack thereof!}




You work hard at the gym.  Faithful to your boot camp buddies, do your crunches, run 3x a week, yoga, pilates, kick boxing, tennis, and what about spin class?  Forget about it - you must lose 5 pounds with the amount you sweat.  For what?  Bathing suit season.  It's here, it's short, and it's time to flaunt your results.  The yellow polka dot bikini may not be your choice, so this weeks giveaway will help you choose the right suit for you...

Make a comment for your chance to win a $45.00 gift certificate to The Clothes Line.  They will help you in your quest for the best look to suit you this summer.

Make a comment to enter to win!


Seychelles-Sandals.jpgYou know what I'm talking about... Big white sneakers, fanny pack, nose in a map.  Although the last one may be unavoidable the other two must be avoided at all cost.  Am I suggesting 3 inch heels at Disney {seen that} or that you should refrain from all comfort and practicality?  Certainly not!  Sensible shoes can be comfy and chic. I found these sandals by Seychelles at Violet's which serve both needs perfectly.  These will easily go from day to evening, shorts to maxi dress with ease. The soles have a nice cushion and support so you can take in all the sightseeing, shopping, and strolling without the dogs barking.  Do Saratoga proud - leave the white sneakers at home {well, unless you plan on working out} and show off your Saratogian Style...

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