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For the past ten years American Idol has found some of the best new male and female talent to entertain us. There is a process; compete locally and then nationally. If you get noticed and have potential you can climb the ladder to become the next American Idol.

Is there a similarity to the American Idol competition and what top salons are looking for in hiring their stylists, a big YES!

Usually it goes something like this: Round One; The Resume. Round Two; The Face to Face Interview. So far so good! On to Round Three; Bringing in a model or two. This is where many of the stylists drop out on their own. For some reason they don't expect this challenge. Final Round: Hopefully this is where they will here Ryan Seacrest in their minds saying: dim the lights, drum role please: The next Salon Idol is...

So my recommendation to you you is find that salon that has a hiring process, a training program and/or assistants. There are to many salons out there that will hire anyone as long as they have a license. You deserve better!

One of the latest products to hit salons uses Moringa Oil. Moringa known as "The Miracle Tree" has some vital properties and vitamins such as: A, B1, B3, C, Calcium, Iron, Proteins, Zinc...
This new line will be Sulfate Free, Phosphate Free, DEA Free and Paraben Free. This new line will gently cleanse and infuse these vitamins, protein, keratin, amino acids and other hair must needs.
Can not yet share the name of this new line, but soon!

Many shoppers choose between Organic or Nonorganic foods. Many people are concerned on how much electricity they use. Some it has to be paper over plastic. "BUT" most people don't have a clue about the chemicals, products and tools the stylists are using on their hair.
So my challenge to you is search the internet on the health risks and damage of: 
Formaldehyde/Aldehyde in Brazilian Blowouts, Ammonia in hair color, High EMF's in Blow Dryers, Parabens, Phosphates, Sulfates or DEA in hair care products. You'll be shocked at what you'll find.

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