What's New in Saratoga

Holiday Inn at Saratoga Springs has plans for a $2.5 to $3 million renovation and expansion project.

In addition to standard room upgrades and refresh, there are also some exciting additions planned to help this hotel stay competitive among the ever competitive lodging options in Saratoga Springs.


Here's a highlight of what's in store for the Holiday Inn renovations:

September is nearly here and college approaching fast, but before you hit the books, there's so much to do before classes start. The Fab Five awards were announced earlier this summer, and using those as a reference, I present to you the top 5 places to go in Saratoga before summer wraps up.

Travers Day has passed, your skin has absorbed all the UV rays you could possibly imagine, the bathing suit section at Target is almost now fully non-existent, and there seems to be a "back-to-school savings" flyer in your mailbox at least twice a week. What does that mean?...Sadly, the summer is drawing to a close.

Being a girl is really, really hard. We are constantly trying to find the balance between being ourselves and hiding our crazy. We are expected to always have a cute ensemble and never repeat an outfit. We are pressured to carry out our days normally when we actually just broke up with our boyfriend and are on the verge of tears. We are usually criticizing ourselves when we should be overjoyed about how much we have accomplished. There is only one, and I repeat, ONE way to wash away all of the nonsense and truly live in the moment: the Girls Day/Night Out. We have compiled a list of 5 Great Ideas for a Girls Day/Night Out with the help of our 2014 Fab Five Award Winners. Drum Roll Please...

It's not every day you are given time off to go around and explore Saratoga is it? I had the pleasure of exploring the patio dining of downtown Saratoga this past Thursday and I was thoroughly impressed.

We're one week into racing season, and while many people are griping about the $2 hike in admission and the absence of Restaurant Row this year, there are many changes for the 2014 season that should delight track goers this season.

The New York Racing Association (NYRA) has announced many updates to the Saratoga Race Course this summer. These alterations are set in place to enhance all guests' experiences at the track.

The new Saratoga County Fair Pageant was held in the Talent Pavilion on Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

This past Sunday was my first ever experience at Saratoga Racetrack and it was one to remember. Winning my first race was a highlight however, it was all downhill from there..

Sanctuary Spa of Saratoga  has now become even more rejuvenating with new owner and plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Ridha. Ridha is one of the leaders in his field and is expanding the services he offers with the new acquisition of the spa. Sanctuary Spa has always been a local go-to for the royal treatment; a full service spa specializing in laser skin rejuvenation, massages and facials is really all a girl needs. However, with Dr. Ridha combining the services he offers this establishment becomes so much more: a comprehensive spa and medical practice for residents and visitors to the Upstate NY region.

If you haven't done or seen these things, then you're not doing Saratoga right. I've compiled a list of things, i.e. places to go or eat and activities to do, that I, and most of Saratoga, consider a crime if you haven't at least tried. So grab a seat and read through this list. If you find something you haven't otherwise heard of, you're welcome, because I've just made your weekend plans for you.

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