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A short drive up the Northway, just off exit 19 in Queensbury, NY, sits a hidden gem restaurant and country store that the owner literally built with his own two hands--The Silo.

If walls could talk, The Silo Restaurant and Country Store would have quite the history to share. Most people who haven't dined there before (or haven't read the placemat) don't know that the silo itself was actually transported to its current location from a real, working farm in Saratoga County!

To the even the most casual observer, the Saratoga Race Course is a vital contributor to Saratoga Springs, bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area and creating thousands of jobs. A recent report, though, has brought to light just how important the Race Course is and how it could contribute to the region's growth in the future.

If you've ever been to Hattie's, then this may not come as a surprise! 

Opening Day of the 2015 season at Saratoga Race Course may still be almost four months away, but reserved seat season passes are going on sale on March 30!

The Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation is racing the clock in order to complete the restoration of the Spirit of Life and Spencer Trask Memorial by its 100th anniversary.

Photo Courtesy of Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation

No, this is not an April Fool's joke... Come celebrate Spring and the start of patio season!


Who says startups have to start in San Fran? Saratoga is home to several small startups, ranging from video game developers to workflow software inventors. And you may be thinking - WHY Saratoga? Not to be partial to this gorgeous city, but others even agree - Saratoga is the bomb.com. 

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Do YOU love The Saratoga Winery? While you may be a regular to the winery and tasting room just 4 miles west of downtown Saratoga, we might have some tidbits that would surprise you. I was able to chat with co-owner Tara Nimmo to find out some interesting facts that not everyone knows - check out the 11 Things You Didn't Know About The Saratoga Winery!

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Open year-round, the beautiful Moreau Lake State Park is home to gorgeous cliffs, quiet forests and winding hiking trails. How could it get any better?


The hype surrounding the long-awaited Winds of Winter continues. But could there be an end date in sight? 


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