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Saratoga Stryders Offer Runners/Walkers Support and Social Network


Now that summer is here, many of us are looking for healthy outdoor pursuits so that we can enjoy the weather to the fullest....or perhaps we're looking for a way to keep the kids busy and active without spending a bundle, or an activity the whole family can do (in my case, it's motivation I seek!) The Saratoga Stryders may offer just what you're looking for!

Founded in 1984 and "running" year-round, the club is invaluable in allowing runners or walkers of all levels, whether beginner or competitive, an opportunity to socialize and motivate each other, and is inclusive of all ages. The group meets every Saturday morning at the warming hut (near Rte. 9) of the Saratoga State Park, which of course is an ideal place for your workout with it's famous, mile-long Avenue of Pines! (and boy, that shade must help in the summer!) Each Wednesday evening, the club meets at the Little Theatre parking lot of the Park. Participants may run or walk any distance they choose at their own pace, and the Club goes out of it's way to ensure no one exercises alone unless they prefer to. Water, coffee, and donuts are offered after each session.

On the last Wednesday of each month, exercisers can go a step further (no pun intended!) in their training and meet at the Saratoga Springs High School track for speed workouts. Saratoga Stryders hosts additional social opportunities with a summer picnic, Christmas party, and even a Night at SPAC! Perfect for those looking for a chance to mix fitness with pleasure!

Club members are kept up-to-date with a newsletter which lists upcoming races and other events in the area. If you're hosting friends this summer, the Stryders welcome visitors and have had many vacationers join them! For information: www.saratogastryders.org

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